Zillow Taps into AI for an Immersive Home Listing Experience

AI is back and better than ever! Zillow, a real estate technology company based in Seattle, is utilizing artificial intelligence to create captivating listings that stand out and accelerate home sales. One of their latest offerings, known as “Listing Showcase,” relies on advanced photography features and interactive floor plans to enhance the online viewing experience of home listings.

The Listing Showcase includes immersive interactive floor plans where buyers can fully comprehend the layout of a home, media grouping where photos and videos are purposefully and strategically organized by room, simplifying navigation for potential viewers, and so much more. Zillow is getting ready to make even more AI-driven features available in the coming months.

Since its initial launch last summer, data has shown that Listing Showcase homes are selling faster than similar nearby non-Showcase listing homes. According to Zillow, on average, these listings are getting 68% more page views, 66% more saves and 63% more shares than similar non-Showcase listings. By downloading the app on Apple Vision Pro, viewers can get a completely VR, immersive experience checking out a new home.

Head to https://showingtimeplus.com/ to learn more.