Notary Public in Ontario

Notarize documents in person at Axess Law’s easy-to-access Greater Toronto Area or Ottawa offices. We’re here to help, even when your matter is urgent. Axess Law witnesses, signs, and stamps, seals, or certifies: Certain real estate transactions Certain mortgage documents Child travel consents Birth certificates Marriage or divorce certificates Vehicle transfer forms Passports Government documents And more.

Types of Notary Services

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Notary/Commissioner of Oath Stamp

Transfer used vehicles or make residency declarations with ease. Axess Law has commissioners of oaths ready to assist you with signing statutory declarations or affidavits. Our provincially authorized commissioners witness and certify your oath or declaration and send you on your way in minutes. (Please note, Axess Law is not responsible for the truth or accuracy of  content in a statutory declaration or affidavit.)

Child Travel Consent Letter

Simplify entering or leaving Canada or foreign countries for your child. Axess Law reduces delays and confusion when your minor child travels without you by drafting and notarizing a child travel consent letter. We let border officials know your child has permission to travel alone or with a group. Ask us about drafting a child travel consent letter next time your child visits relatives or travels without you.

Invitation Letter for Canada Visa

Welcome international and U.S. citizens who want to visit or work or study temporarily in Canada. Axess Law’s notary publics write a Canada visitor visa letter of invitation letter for your family, friends, or steady acquaintances. We make the work of getting visitors to Canada easier by drafting visitor invitation letters, witnessing sponsors’ signatures, and giving you a notary-sealed copy.


Have you been asked to swear to the accuracy of certain events and don’t know where to start? Let Axess Law draft an affidavit for you. Affidavits are sworn (if you are religious) or affirmed (if not) statements of facts made in front of someone authorized to take oaths. They attest to events or evidence you knew to be true at the time you made the statement. Axess Law’s notary publics can draft affidavits for courts or any other use you may have. Call or drop in to any of our Greater Toronto Area or Ottawa offices for assistance.

How It Works

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Our notary public verifies your identity using a valid government-issued photo ID.

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We verify your signature and put our official seal or stamp on your documents. Our speedy notary services take just 5-10 minutes of your time.

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Notary / Commissioner of Oath Stamp
Child Travel Consent Letter
Invitation Letter for Canada Visa

Convenient Appointments

Axess Law gives you the choice of booking an online or in-person appointment. Our lawyers are available 7 days a week, including evenings. We can meet in person, by phone, email, or via a remote video call. Axess Law offices have onsite parking and are easily accessible by public transit.

Convenient Appointments
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Kar I.Kar I.
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Everything was organized - reminder call and email for appointment. Kuldeep was accommodating for my senior citizen parents and made sure everything went smoothly. Reasonable prices and would recommend.
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Very convenient legal services, from the comfort of my own home!
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Access Law was quick and the people were friendly and very professional answered any questions I had and explained everything to me.
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Great legal advice. Service was great. Have a question you get the answer promptly.Will definetly use this legal firm again.
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Axess law was very thorough in their work. Greg Wen was assigned to prepare our Will & Power of Attorney last weekend. He explained all points very well & answered our concerns in detail. I would recommend Axess Law for your legal matters.
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Axess Law made our recent mortgage refinance process extremely easy and efficient, and the online signing process was great. They responded quickly to all our questions. I highly recommend them!
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Some FAQs

Can any lawyer notarize my documents?

Not all lawyers are notary publics, but at Axess Law all our notary publics are lawyers. You get quality notary services and if you need legal advice, our lawyers can arrange that too.


What modes of payment do you accept?

At Axess Law, you can pay by phone or online. We take VISA, Mastercard, or AMEX and email receipts for your financial records. We accept credit cards!

What documents do I bring to my notary appointment?

Bring any documents that back up your facts, such as:

  • contracts
  • letters
  • emails
  • receipts or invoices
  • witness statements
  • photos
  • or whatever else may be helpful.

When do I receive my affidavit?

Your evidence is reviewed, the affidavit drafted, and the legal paperwork signed in person by you and your notary public. A final copy is emailed to you to submit in court or wherever it is needed, or we give you a printed copy when you sign.

What is a statutory declaration?

Statutory declarations are facts you declare are true. Make a legal oath in writing to confirm your identity and let readers know you confirm the facts are accurate to the best of your knowledge. Statutory declarations may be required to apply for government benefits or make insurance claims.

Can I get a statutory declaration witnessed overseas?

Canadian embassies and consulates can notarize documents, such as a declaration you are single if a local commissioner of oaths or notary public when you travel is unavailable. Most embassies can certify true copies of photocopies, witness your signature on legal oaths, affirm affidavits or notarize documents for use in Canada. You can also request to have foreign or Canadian travel or other documents authenticated. Be aware that some countries may not accept your overseas statutory declaration unless they are authenticated in Canada.

Can I use my changed name without making a statutory declaration?

You can, depending on why you changed your name. To take a new spouse’s surname or change your name after a divorce, annulment, or your spouse’s death, phone the Office of the Registrar General and request an Election to Change form. You can reach the Registrar General at no cost by dialing 1-800-461-2156 or 416-325-8305 in the GTA (416-325-3408 by TTY). You will need a statutory declaration name if you opt to make a formal name change in Ontario.

What is a declaration form?

Quite simply, it’s a form containing facts. Canada customs declaration forms can be used to give information, such as declaring gifts bought while abroad. You could be asked to fill out a declaration form if you lose something, such as your purse on a TTC bus. They are typically “unsworn”, meaning it’s not necessary to have your signature witnessed by a notary public, commissioner of oaths, or anyone else.