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Get access to a real estate lawyer in Mississauga. Axess Law has lawyers right in your neighbourhood, every time you buy, sell, or refinance a home or land. Finding a Mississauga real estate lawyer you can trust is more important than you know. Our experienced legal professionals explain the nuances of Ontario real estate law that make contracts legally binding, before or after you sign.

Buying a Real Estate Property in Mississauga

Our Vision

New home buyers, let us deal with your bank and realtor, and advise you on paying the Ontario land transfer tax. Your Axess Law Mississauga real estate lawyer discharges existing mortgages, or signs legal papers for new mortgages to make your home purchase possible. We review agreements of purchase and sale, and negotiate closing deadlines when delays like finding real estate financing in Mississauga get in your way.

Selling a Real Estate Property in Mississauga

Why take advice from a realtor when you can hire a licensed Mississauga real estate lawyer? Axess Law’s virtual or in-person real estate lawyers in Mississauga recommend how to respond if a buyer asks to reduce your home’s price because of defects they uncover after signing the agreement of purchase and sale. Ask our qualified real estate lawyers to review the buyer’s offer to purchase. We advise on what to do next.

Refinancing a Real Estate Property Mississauga

Lender refinancing offer tempting you? Your Axess Law Mississauga real estate lawyer processes refinancing deals with ease. We work with private lenders, banks, credit unions, or trust companies to finalize mortgage refinancing offers for real estate you own or lease. Our real estate lawyer Mississauga service witnesses mortgage papers, and explain how terms affect you as a homeowner.

Axess Law Wills lawyers can add real estate to Wills at the same time to ensure your loved ones are protected.

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About Mississauga

Mississauga is truly a city of villages. Trendy Clarkson Village is one of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods, winding from Winston Churchill Boulevard to Lake Ontario’s sparkling shores. Take a self-guided audio tour of Clarkson, then drop into family-owned shops to pick up unique treasures. A Taste of Clarkson gives you a sample of the best local chefs have to offer twice a year. Come back in late November for the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. To get the total Mississauga experience, try waterfront dining at Port Credit or old world boutique exploring in Streetsville.

Sign Real Estate Documents by Video

Your Axess Law Mississauga real estate lawyer can video conference with you anywhere in Ontario. Call to talk to real estate lawyers 7 days a week, day or evening, at your convenience. Our online video calls and remote signing services take the work out of closing real estate transactions. Timely legal advice and low flat rate legal services — make your appointment by dialing 647-479-4118 in Toronto (toll free to 1-877-552-9377) or use our easy online booking form to find a remote real estate lawyer Mississauga. Debit, cash, VISA, or Mastercard accepted.

Some FAQs

Do mortgage brokers work for banks?

Mortgage brokers receive commissions from lenders, but only the one you choose. Brokers receive a percentage of your loan amount, typically less than 1.5%, directly from the lender. They may also be paid a trailer fee, meaning the commission is spread out over the life of your mortgage, or extra bonus if you renew with the same lender.

Why would a lender ask for a property survey?

Usually to verify the location of buildings on real estate plots. Say you are building a double garage. That’s a hefty undertaking. Your lender may want reassurance the new structure will be on real estate they actually own. Since lenders are adjoined to your property title, finding your new garage has accidentally migrated onto a neighbouring lot can be a costly mistake.

Is a real estate seller liable if they give you wrong information?

If it was deliberate, such as to cover up their home’s condition and you buy the home, you can take a real estate seller to court. You can also withdraw an offer when a seller withholds information you need to make a real estate decision. You may lose your deposit or be responsible for a seller’s expenses, which is why getting legal advice from an Axess Law Mississauga real estate lawyer before you sign is useful. Our in-person and virtual real estate lawyers review agreements of purchase and sale to preserve your buyer’s right to cancel when the seller property information sheet is wrong, or a home inspection turns up defects a real estate seller likely knew about.

Can a subcontractor place a lien on real estate?

Subcontractor liens are indeed possible. Trades that work for a general contractor may be able to sue a property owner, or even a lender who distributes funds to a general contractor. Expect to find a potential construction lien on real estate you own if the general contractor skips town. Our real estate lawyer Mississauga service searches property titles for liens before registering a property in your name. If you are stranded by a construction lien, an Axess Law in-person or virtual real estate lawyer in Mississauga can refer you to a trusted legal partner with construction law experience.

Can I hold back the deposit until the home inspection is complete?

Deposits are usually due within 24 hours of your offer being accepted by a real estate seller. For example, by 3:59 p.m. Tuesday for an offer accepted at 4 p.m. Monday. You can, however, write into the initial offer that you propose to pay the deposit 24 hours after a professional home inspection is completed. That way, a real estate seller can decide if they want to:

  • accept your offer the way it’s written
  • counter offer with a proposal of their own
  • or reject your offer altogether.

Given the frequent real estate market frenzy in the Greater Toronto Area, we predict the seller will either counter offer or outright reject your proposal. To be competitive with other real estate buyers (some making firm offers with no conditions), make your agreement of purchase and sale contingent on a satisfactory home inspection. By signing, the seller mutually consents to what happens to the deposit if the deal falls through, and you get your money back without a struggle.

Axess Law real estate lawyer Mississauga service can review your draft agreement of purchase and sale to add essential clauses in case you need to withdraw your offer.

Why is the seller still showing their home when I made a conditional offer?

Go back over your offer for a 24- or 48-hour escape clause. Real estate sellers who accept conditional offers often include a clause allowing them to “escape” their legal contract if they get a better offer. Why? Because conditional offers are not final or binding until all conditions are met or waived. Consenting to an escape clause signals you are prepared to waive your conditions, or suffer the consequences.

And the consequences can be expensive, especially if you have already paid for a home inspection, or listed your own home for sale. If you think an escape clause puts you in a tough spot, you’re right. The real estate seller is legally within their rights to continuing showing their home, even as you rush to finalize mortgage financing.

That’s why realtors advise against making offers with long closing dates, or contingent on selling other real estate. Deciding if you’re prepared to forego outstanding conditions, and finalize your offer on short notice — now that’s a serious bind for any real estate buyer.