Last Will and Power of Attorney

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Last will testament

Last Will and Testament

Your Last Will and Testament is a legal document that outlines how your assets should be divided and your estate should be dealt with upon your death. It lets you decide who receives your property and possessions and name a trustee (or executor) to manage your final affairs giving you the assurance that your final wishes will be carried out as you intended. Surveys show most Canadian adults (over 55%) do not have signed, legally binding Wills. A Will created by Axess Law is witnessed by a lawyer, shared with your estate trustees, trusted next-of-kin, and stored in a safety deposit box.

Power of Attorney for Personal Care

A Power of Attorney for Personal Care gives an individual you trust the legal authority to make medical and long-term care decisions for you when you are unable to do so. This can include things such as your meals, housing, hygiene, nutrition, or anything else pertaining to your health and well-being.

Power of Attorney

A Will can only become valid once you pass away. For instances where you become unable to make vital decisions or understand its consequences because of an illness, injury, or age, Axess Law will draft you a Power of Attorney (POA). It is a  document you draft voluntarily with the help of our Wills and Estate lawyers. A POA gives others legal authority to act on your behalf when you are unable to care for yourself or want help because of age or infirmity.

Power of Attorney for Property

A Power of Attorney for Property gives an individual you trust the legal authority to make decisions about your assets if you are unable to. This can include things such as paying off your debt and bills, collecting money owed to you, or managing your real estate.

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Types of A Last Will

When it comes to Wills, there is no one-size-fits-all. Our expert lawyers at Axess Law will guide you to draft your Will based on your current situation and any future goals about what you want your beneficiaries to inherit.

For Individuals

Personal Will to safeguard your assets, dependent children and pets.

For Couples

Individual Wills for married couples to avoid conflict & confusion.

For Businesses

Your Will to ensure your Business will be in safe and responsible hands.

Benefits of Last Will

A Last Will expresses your wishes for your child’s guardianship, and how your physical, as well as digital assets, are to be distributed and cared for. The legal document also contains an Estate Plan to specify health care wishes and final arrangements that reflect your wishes.

The many benefits of a Last Will are to:

Ensure distribution of your assets as per your wishes.

Appoint a guardian for minor children and pets.

Minimize payment of estate taxes.

Avoid a lengthy probate process for your family.

Convenient Appointments

Axess Law gives you the choice of booking an online or in-person appointment. Our lawyers are available 7 days a week, including evenings. We can meet in person, by phone, email, or via a remote video call. Axess Law offices have onsite parking and are easily accessible by public transit.

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Some FAQs

Yes. Axess Law attorneys draft your Will to ensure important financial and legal steps that protect your family and estate aren’t left out. Our lawyers witness your Will and give you copies for estate trustees, safety deposit boxes, and trusted next-of-kin. We place a copy with a local wills registry, where it is easy to locate when needed.

Ontario doesn’t use the term living Wills, but you can make advance directives similar to a living Will in your POA that state when to discontinue medical treatment. For instance, you can include a do not resuscitate order (DNR) or instructions not to give you blood transfusions if you are unable to consent or refuse treatment. As long as your instructions are possible to follow, your attorney or substitute decision-makers cannot overturn your wishes. Axess Law’s Wills and estates lawyers prepare a power of attorney form that expresses your personal wishes.

Yes, in fact, we recommend you give it serious consideration. Passing assets outside your personal Will reduces estate taxes and ensures beneficiaries have financial resources much sooner than by going through Ontario probate court.

Mirror Wills are separate Wills made by spouses that include reciprocal terms. These state the same executors, beneficiaries, and alternate distribution plans (where your estates go if you and your spouse die at the same time).

However, you can change your Will at any time, with or without your spouse knowing, such as if you divorce or your spouse dies. That just means your Will no longer mirrors your spouse’s.

A joint Will is a legal document executed by a married couple merging their individual Wills into a single, combined last Will and testament.

If you and your spouse got your estate documents initially drafted by us and your spousal status
changes, you will be required to obtain new estate documents. In such cases, you will provide
Axess Law with new instructions revoking the old ones and the following would apply:

  • The subsequent communication would be treated as a request for a new retainer and
    not as part of the previously signed joint retainer;
  • Axess Law would be obliged to hold the subsequent communication in strict confidence
    and not disclose it to the other spouse or partner; and
  • Axess Law would have to decline the new retainer unless:
    • You had annulled your marriage, divorced, permanently ended your conjugal
      relationship or permanently ended your close personal relationship, as the case
      may be;
    • One of you passed away; or
    • Both of you were informed of the subsequent communication and agreed to Axess
      Law acting on the new instructions
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