Business Lawyers in Ontario

Axess Law is your go-to small business partner. Our business lawyers understand start ups. We arrange your business name, registration, incorporation, or partnership in less time than you might expect. With our business lawyers by your side, you get documents that stand the legal test if Canada Revenue Agency picks your business to audit. We make it easy to be in business.

Our business incorporation lawyers understand start ups and small businesses from A to Z. We guide you every step of the way. When you have questions like:

  • Should I incorporate?
  • Do I need a lawyer to incorporate in Ontario?
  • How do partnerships work?
  • Someone took my business name — what do I do now?
  • what if I can’t pay debts?
  • How do I stop business fraud?
  • Can I leave my company to my kids?

Types of Business Law Services

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Incorporation refers to the formation of a new company or corporate identity. Axess Law business lawyers make the process uncomplicated. We advise you on provincial vs federal incorporation and explain to you the pros and cons of incorporation. We help your incorporation get done right the first time.
Business Name Registration
Axess Law helps you find a unique business name that sets your company apart. The name you pick must be unlike any others already in existence in Ontario or Canada. Our business lawyers do the legal documentation for you and explain business name registration guidelines for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations.
Minute Book​
Your company’s minute books benefit your corporation by showing banks, credit unions, or other lenders you are organized and creditworthy. Axess Law business lawyers prepare your corporate minute book, making complying with federal and provincial laws and promoting your company’s interests easier.

How It Works

Step 1
Book Your Appointment​

Click on ‘Get Started’ button to receive a quote from us. If you decide to proceed, our customer care team will reach out to you within minutes to discuss the next steps.

Step 2
Meet With The Lawyer

Our business lawyers meet you and arrange your business name, registration, incorporation, or partnership in less time than you might expect.

Step 3
Review Documents

Review and sign the required documents with your lawyer. Depending upon your convenience and location, you can meet your lawyer in person or virtually.

Experience Convenience Like Never Before

Expert Advice

Our team of experienced lawyers gives you expert guidance to make informed decisions.

Virtual Appointment

Our lawyers are available across Ontario to meet you virtually. If you wish to meet in person, we have 5 offices across the GTA and Ottawa.

Extended Business Hours

Our lawyers are available 7 days a week from morning to evening so that you don't have to take time off from work.

Our Services

Legal Fee
Provincial Incorporation
$1,200 + filing fees
Federal Incorporation
$1,300 + filing fees
Personal Real Estate Incorporation
$1,400 + filing fees
Incorporation & Minute Book Package
$1,500 – $1,600 + filing fees
Organization of Minute Book
$349.99 + filing fees
Annual Resolution for Minute Book
$450 + filing fees
Additional NUANS Name Search
filing fees
File Form 1 Initial Return
$25 + filing fees

Convenient Appointments

Axess Law gives you the choice of booking an online or in-person appointment. Our lawyers are available 7 days a week, including evenings. We can meet in person, by phone, email, or via a remote video call. Axess Law offices have onsite parking and are easily accessible by public transit.

Convenient Appointments
15:54 28 Jul 23
Kar I.Kar I.
13:27 27 Jul 23
Everything was organized - reminder call and email for appointment. Kuldeep was accommodating for my senior citizen parents and made sure everything went smoothly. Reasonable prices and would recommend.
Raywat DeonandanRaywat Deonandan
12:38 26 Jul 23
Very convenient legal services, from the comfort of my own home!
Lori CascanetteLori Cascanette
01:21 26 Jul 23
Access Law was quick and the people were friendly and very professional answered any questions I had and explained everything to me.
Wayne DawsonWayne Dawson
21:50 20 Jul 23
Great legal advice. Service was great. Have a question you get the answer promptly.Will definetly use this legal firm again.
Hailey RobynHailey Robyn
00:22 08 Jul 23
I am so grateful to Lorraine and the team, including Alicia and Nikhil, for their diligent work and ability to deal with ambiguity. As a first time homebuyer, the buying process was made 10 times easier because of them and I would absolutely recommend their services to anyone in search of support.Thank you!
23:00 28 Jun 23
Axess law was very thorough in their work. Greg Wen was assigned to prepare our Will & Power of Attorney last weekend. He explained all points very well & answered our concerns in detail. I would recommend Axess Law for your legal matters.
Jeanette KingslandJeanette Kingsland
14:00 27 Jun 23
Axess Law made our recent mortgage refinance process extremely easy and efficient, and the online signing process was great. They responded quickly to all our questions. I highly recommend them!
Jenny HendersonJenny Henderson
16:53 01 Jun 23
I'm very pleased with Axess. They were reliable, communicative, responsive, organized, and everything went off without a hitch. Even the virtual signing appointment was great. I was impressed, especially given that their fees are the lowest I quoted!

Some FAQs

Why do I need a lawyer?

Axess Law’s lawyer fees to incorporate a business or provide legal help with your small business in Ontario or anywhere in Canada are affordable. Our business lawyers arrange your business name, registration, incorporation, or partnership in less time than you might expect. We also offer in-person and online appointments to make your legal experience easier.

We make it easy to be in business.

What is a sole proprietorship and how can Axess Law help?

Going solo? You own the assets, make the decisions, and are liable for the consequences. Your profits are your own and so are your debts. Axess Law helps you determine if a sole proprietorship is viable for you or if you have liabilities that could make incorporation a wiser choice

What documents do I need to change my company name?

Ontario non-profit corporations that opt for a name change can apply for a supplementary letters patent from Corporations Canada. Axess Law business lawyers can help you. Remember to carry these documents to your appointment:

  • two original signed copies of an application for supplementary letters patent
  • two certified copies of a supporting special resolution of your corporation’s members
  • a statutory declaration of an authorized officer, sworn before a commissioner for takings oaths, attesting the board of directors and members passed the resolution
  • and a Nuans name search report (two if a bilingual name is requested).

Who is my minute book for?

Your minute book documents are available to registered or beneficial shareholders or their agents or legal representatives, directors, officers, and creditors upon request. Keeping your documents in an orderly manner makes this task simpler and avoids government penalties you could be charged for not complying.