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When you’re in the market for a new home, an Axess Law virtual real estate lawyer in London can help you close the deal without the added hassle of high legal fees. Our remote, flat fee London real estate lawyer service is available whenever you are. Discharge existing mortgages or close real estate transactions from the comfort of your home or office anytime that’s convenient for you. Axess Law has a virtual real estate lawyer London, Ontario, whenever you’re ready.

Buying a Real Estate Property in London

Our Vision

Your Axess Law London virtual real estate lawyer searches your property title to ensure a real estate seller has legal ownership. Email us your agreement of purchase and sale. We review all the details and suggest essential clauses that can protect your buyer’s right to cancel. Construction liens or property line disputes can put a temporary hold on your real estate purchase. Your Axess Law London real estate lawyer clears the title to your new property to make your real estate buying experience a success.

Selling a Real Estate Property in London

A troublesome home inspection can make selling your home more difficult than it first seemed. Your Axess Law virtual real estate lawyer in London negotiates with the buyer’s legal representative if they ask to change the terms of your real estate agreement of purchase and sale. Depending on how it’s written, you may not have to return a buyer deposit. Your London virtual real estate lawyer steers you through unforeseen complications.

Refinancing a Real Estate Property in London

Is a private lender offer to refinance your mortgage legit? Your Axess Law London real estate lawyer reviews terms and conditions with you before processing mortgage refinancing documents.

We advise you if a refinancing offer seems too good to be true. Email your refinance details to an Axess Law virtual real estate lawyer in London if you are uncertain about a lender you have not used before, or want to renegotiate with your current lender.

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Sign Legal Documents by Video

Your Axess Law real estate lawyer in London can video conference with you 7 days a week, at your convenience. Our online video calls and remote signing services take the work out of closing real estate transactions. Timely legal advice and low flat rate legal services — make your appointment by dialing 647-479-4118 in Toronto (toll free to 1-877-552-9377) or use our online booking form to find a London real estate lawyer. Debit, cash, VISA, or Mastercard accepted. Axess Law makes hiring a virtual real estate lawyer in London easy.

Some FAQs

Are bully offers common?

In competitive markets they can be. Realtors are required to give sellers offers in order they are received. When a bidder submits a pre-emptive offer well before the scheduled offer time, the realtor is obligated to present it. Sellers can accept it ahead of other offers, or wait to see what other bids they receive. The realtor must wait for the seller’s written instructions (if they will accept or wait), and notify other bidders of the bully offer.

Are counter offers legally binding?

Only if the buyer or seller accepts it. Counter offers replace previous offers, and are not legally binding until signed. Things to watch for: Does the counter offer include deal breakers, such as removing a home inspection condition? Is the proposed price over your pre-approved mortgage amount? Do you feel pressured to make a quick decision, without time to get legal or financial advice? Take a step back when you are uncomfortable with a counter offer a seller or buyer has made.

Do I need a property survey to buy a home?

Not necessarily, although you take the risk the property you are buying is encroaching on a neighbouring lot. Since a survey is not part of the closing transaction, ask the seller’s agent if one is available. If not, and you have concerns about a fence, garage or how big the lot actually is, make it a condition in the agreement of purchase and sale.

Are biweekly payments better than monthly?

We can’t tell you what’s best for your situation, but a biweekly schedule saves money by putting extra money towards your principal. Instead of making 12 monthly payments a year, you make 26 biweekly payments, which works out to one extra payment a year on the principal. You pay down your mortgage quicker (for example, 24 years instead of 30) and co-ordinate payments with your pay cheque.

Can I make an appointment on a Sunday?

We make appointments that fit your schedule and your lifestyle. You can drop into an open law office on Sundays or meet online or in person, whenever or wherever works best for you.

Can I pay by credit card?

Of course! We take VISA, Mastercard, or AMEX and email receipts for your financial records. Pay by phone or online.