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Your Axess Law real estate lawyer in Ottawa makes closing your next transaction quick and convenient. Whether you’re buying or selling matrimonial real estate, your first condo, or vacant land for a new build home, Axess Law’s in-person attorneys or virtual real estate lawyer service gets the deal done. Secure, confidential video conferencing services are available any time that’s convenient for you. Sign real estate documents online, without ever leaving your home or office. It’s that easy.

Buying a Real Estate Property in Ottawa

Our Vision

Making multiple trips to a real estate lawyer’s office can be annoying and time consuming. Axess Law’s Ottawa real estate lawyers give you options. We meet you in person or video conference in real time. Our Ottawa real estate lawyer team searches property titles for legal ownership and discharges mortgages you no longer need. If a home inspection reveals hidden defects, we negotiate with the real estate seller’s lawyer to reduce the price or get needed repairs made before you take possession.

Selling a Real Estate Property in Ottawa

Your Axess Law virtual real estate lawyer in Ottawa handles your entire real estate sale via video conference, or you can meet with us in person. An experienced Ottawa real estate lawyer will review your agreement of purchase and sale to protect your rights as seller. We explain what irrevocable periods mean and if conditional offers are legally valid. Keep the deposit or agree to return it — your Ottawa real estate lawyer advises you what to do if a buyer.

Refinancing a Real Estate Property in Ottawa

Refinance to lock in lower rates or consolidate nagging debts. Your Ottawa real estate lawyer scrutinizes refinancing offers to ensure the terms and conditions are beneficial to you.

Your Axess Law Ottawa real estate lawyer points out prepayment penalties and terms that commit you, then finalize mortgage documents to get you on your way as soon as possible.

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About Ottawa

Canada’s National Capital Region is two experiences in one — Ottawa, home to Parliament Hill, and neighbouring, French-speaking Gatineau, Quebec. With nearly 1.5 million residents, the region is dotted with hiking and biking paths, riverside parks, and beaches. Ottawa ranks as one of Canada’s best cities for quality of life: Ontario’s “cap city” is tied for third in the world as an eco-city. Besides world-class museums like the National Gallery of Canada and Canadian Museum of History, Ottawa is home to Rideau Canal. The canal, the world’s largest skating rink, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sign Legal Documents by Video

Your Axess Law real estate lawyer in Ottawa can video conference with you 7 days a week, at your convenience. Our online video calls and remote signing services take the work out of closing real estate transactions. Timely legal advice and low flat rate legal services — make your appointment by dialing 647-479-4118 in Toronto (toll free to 1-877-552-9377) or use our online booking form to find an in-person or remote Ottawa real estate lawyer. Debit, cash, VISA, or Mastercard accepted. Axess Law makes hiring a real estate lawyer in Ottawa easy.

Some FAQs

Where do I find a property survey?

You can ask a real estate seller’s agent or, if there is none, hire a professional surveyor. Surveys are fairly inexpensive, although you can expect to pay more if your lot is particularly large or has many buildings and property improvements on it. The Association of Land Surveyors of Ontario has lists of surveyors near you.

Are variable rate mortgages portable?

Not usually, unless that’s a term of the mortgage you signed. Remember, you have a limited window to port a mortgage from existing real estate to a new property. Depending on your lender, that could be anywhere from 30 to 120 days. So if your home is not moving and you need to close on a new real estate offer, porting your mortgage may not be an option.

Why does my new home have a restrictive covenant?

New residential subdivisions often have rules about setbacks from property lines or whether boats or trailers can be stored on a property. They are intended to create uniformity and make the subdivision more desirable to buyers who share common interests. Covenants automatically expire after 40 years (not that anyone will necessarily remember it after all that time).

Can I make a real estate offer conditional on selling my home?

You can try. Buyers can write anything into a real estate agreement of purchase and sale. Realistically speaking, real estate sellers are reluctant to wait if homes aren’t selling quickly in your neighbourhood. Anything more than a 30-day closing date may be rejected, and if you get turned down for a second mortgage, you could lose your buyer’s deposit. Options if you must buy before you sell: getting short-term bridge financing from a private lender, putting either home up for rent, or finding a guarantor for your new mortgage. Ask your Axess Law real estate lawyer in Ottawa if you need more time to sell your home.