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Don’t let real estate deals fall through due to missed deadlines. When you need a lawyer who can finalize your purchase or sales contract on time, your Axess Law virtual real estate lawyer in Milton delivers. We video conference with you to make closing real estate transactions timely and affordable. Our flat fee rates take the pressure out of hiring a real estate lawyer in Milton.

Buying a Real Estate Property in Milton

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Terms and conditions in your agreement of purchase and sale may trip you up if you don’t have the legal advice you need. Your Axess Law real estate lawyer in Milton can review your draft or signed agreement of purchase and sale for essential clauses that can make your purchase go better. We tell you if your contract needs revising and when the details are final, transfer title to your name.

Selling a Real Estate Property in Milton

Slow closing due to uncertain financing, or buyer failed to produce the good faith deposit? Your Axess Law real estate lawyer in Milton, Ontario connects with buyers’ lawyers to find out what’s holding up your sale. Your virtual real estate lawyer in Milton reviews your buyer’s offer to purchase for clauses that could cause your sale to collapse, then advises you on what to do next. Whether you withdraw or amend the contract, ask an Axess Law Milton real estate lawyer first.

Refinancing a Real Estate Property in Milton

We return mortgage papers to your lender by their deadline. Your new mortgage is in place before you know it.

Interest rates on the move? Now could be the time to refinance your home mortgage by switching lenders. Your Axess Law real estate lawyer in Milton arranges to witness mortgage refinancing documents by video conference, or you can pop by any of our law offices near you to sign.

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About Milton

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Sign Legal Documents by Video

Your Axess Law real estate lawyer in Milton can video conference with you 7 days a week, at your convenience. Our online video calls and remote signing services take the work out of solving legal problems. Timely legal advice and low flat rate legal services — make your appointment by dialing 647-479-4118, toll free to 1-877-552-9377, or use our online booking form to find a real estate lawyer in Milton. Debit, cash, VISA or Mastercard accepted. Axess Law makes hiring a virtual real estate lawyer in Milton easy.

Some FAQs

How much are real estate lawyer fees in Ontario?

You may be surprised at how economical Axess Law real estate lawyers in Milton, Ontario, really are. We keep our flat rate legal fees low by providing only the real estate lawyer services you need. You could pay $999.99 and up plus HST to buy a home, or $799.99 and up plus HST to sell a home in Ontario (call us for our current rates or a free quote). You pay no extra charges and have no hidden surprises when you hire an Axess Law virtual real estate lawyer in Milton. You pay the same low, flat fees regardless of whether you use an Axess Law virtual real estate lawyer in Milton, or drop by any of our conveniently located law offices in Greater Toronto Area or Ottawa.

What does a real estate lawyer do for the seller in Ontario?

Your Axess Law real estate lawyer in Milton, Ontario, reviews your agreement of purchase and sale for essential clauses that protect your financial and legal interests. We check for your seller’s right to cancel if a buyer is late with a good faith deposit, or to keep the deposit if the buyer walks away without mutual consent.


Your virtual Milton real estate lawyer amends your contract to change terms and conditions when needed. If a buyer wants minor repairs made or asks to reduce the cost after a home inspection, we negotiate with their lawyer on your behalf.

Axess Law researches title insurance to your property for financial claims or construction liens that can put a hold on sale of your home. We transfer the title to the new buyer, and prepare a final statement of adjustments showing your fees and expenses. Your remote real estate lawyer in Milton arranges to collect your home keys, and pass them on to the buyer, concluding your home sale on time and for less than traditional legal services.

Is it possible to remove a property lien before a dispute is settled?

You can clear a construction lien beforehand by paying the disputed amount into court. Ontario’s Builders Lien Act allows the lien to be removed while the court hears and decides the dispute. You can pay either the whole amount owed (section 23), or if you are the homeowner, the amount owed by a general contractor to a subcontractor or supplier.

Lien claims can be prohibitive. For that reason, the act also allows homeowners to put up an amount the court considers “sufficient security” to pay the lien. That gives you the option of a letters credit or lien bond.

Letters credit are a bank’s guarantee the lien claimant will be paid if they win at court. Having a solid relationship with your bank is helpful in getting a letters credit. You may be required to secure the guarantee with cash, often 100% of the amount. Lien bonds issued by a surety company are a substitute, filed with a court promising to pay the lien if the claimant succeeds. You pay a fee for the bond, and will also have to put up cash security, but likely less than for letters credit.

Can you sue a seller who accepts an offer while your purchase is pending?

It would be unlikely, since your conditional offer is not final until you lift or waive all the conditions. So if you are still arranging financing, or awaiting your professional home inspector’s report, your pending offer is not a done deal. Hopefully, the seller’s agent has informed you reviewing other offers is the plan.

Your agreement of purchase and sale may even contain a 48-hour escape clause, allowing the seller to require you to finalize your offer or withdraw. You have first right of refusal when you make a conditional offer on a home with an escape clause. Just be careful your real estate agent and lawyer clarify that you are the final and only buyer.

How easy is it to buy foreclosed properties?

You’re not the only one looking for foreclosed properties. The first problem for buyers is competition for cheap properties. Foreclosed owners give up title to their home, and profits from its sale, after a court hearing by their lender.

Consequently, lenders are motivated to get their mortgage debt back. You may or may not get a bargain, depending on housing supply and current markets. As long as you’re not pursuing a power of sale property requiring court approval, buying a foreclosure shouldn’t take much longer than any other property. The lender has title, and can act swiftly.

Can you cancel the sale if a home was a grow op?

You could file a civil claim to overturn a home sale if a former or current grow op poses a health and safety risk, and the seller didn’t disclose it. Or you could request compensation for the cost of repairing the damage to your new home. It’s up to the judge if you get the purchase price back, plus legal fees and damages. Interest rates or home prices may go up between the time you file your claim and it’s settled.

Presumably, by the time you view a home, the grow op has moved on. What hasn’t is the widespread damage a grow op causes. Tampering with electrical wiring to bypass utility meters can make the home uninsurable and dangerous to live in. Humidity from installing sprinklers and exhaust fans, and chemicals used to produce drugs can cause allergic reactions.

Buying a former grow op can result in costs for:

  • a professional engineer to assess structural damage
  • environmental consultant to find toxic mould
  • general contractor to make your home safe to live in
  • engineering or environmental inspection to confirm it has been remediated.

Asking for a compensatory amount for the difference between what you paid for a grow op home, and replacement property can help you recover financially.

What does a property lawyer do?

Your property lawyer, called a real estate lawyer in Ontario, protects your rights when you buy or sell real estate. An Axess Law virtual real estate lawyer in Milton can review your agreement of purchase and sale for essential clauses, like the right to walk away without penalty. We negotiate changes to terms and conditions where needed, and ensure the deal closes on time. Your Axess Law real estate lawyer in Milton puts title insurance on your property to prevent mortgage fraud, and transfers title to your name. A final statement of adjustments is prepared showing your deposit, property taxes or utility charges paid on your behalf, how much you owe closing day, and your total legal fees. And when your deal is done, we hand you the keys to your new home or lockbox.

Which lawyer is the highest paid lawyer?

Personal injury or medical lawyers, and intellectual property lawyers who defend trademarks or patents, command high fees in Ontario. Trial lawyers who represent clients with civil lawsuits can do very well by collecting contingency fees, a percentage of a client’s court award. Being a tax attorney, or corporate lawyer may pay slightly less, but is equally challenging. In comparison, when you hire an Axess Law real estate lawyer in Milton, you pay only flat fees for our services.