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Why worry about rushing to your lawyer’s office when you can close real estate transactions remotely? Axess Law can bring a virtual real estate lawyer in Clinton directly to you. We explain every step involved in buying or selling a home, and discuss legal documents with you before you sign. Our real estate lawyer in Clinton witnesses your signature over secure, confidential video conferencing software that’s easy to use and affordable.

Buying a Real Estate Property in Clinton

Our Vision

Leave the stress to others while you review and sign legal documents for real estate transactions online. Your Axess Law virtual real estate lawyer in Clinton checks property titles for construction liens or other encumbrances that could delay transfer of title to you. We take your lender’s mortgage instructions and ensure your new mortgage is in place, then hand you the keys to your new home.

Selling a Real Estate Property in Clinton

Axess Law has a virtual real estate lawyer in Clinton anytime you need one. Agreements of purchase and sale require careful attention to ensure buyers are committed to following through. Your licensed real estate lawyer in Clinton looks for clauses that present obstacles to selling your home and finalizes the sale remotely to save you time and money.

Refinancing a Real Estate Property Clinton

Interest rates fluctuating or current mortgage up for renewal? Talk to a mortgage broker about where to find the best deals for your budget, then call an Axess Law remote real estate lawyer in Clinton.

Hiring a virtual real estate lawyer in Clinton takes the pressure off getting mortgage loan documents signed on time. We go over mortgage offers, prepayment penalties, and discharge fees before arranging for you to sign refinancing documents.

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About Clinton

The home of Canadian radar, former RCAF Station Clinton is the final resting place of famed anthropologist and ethnologist Horatio Hale, author of the 1883 The Iroquois Book of Rites. Hale’s feat is commemorated in the town’s street names. A local artisan market and artist alley bring the compact town to life for tourists and locals alike. For adventure, try a ramble through Bannockburn Conservation Area, where fishing holes and picnic tables make for a relaxing day trip.

Sign Legal Documents by Video

Your Axess Law Clinton real estate lawyer video conferences with you 7 days a week, at your convenience. Our online video calls and remote signing services take the work out of solving legal problems. Timely legal advice and low flat rate legal services — make your appointment by dialing 1-647-479-4118, toll free to 1-877-552-9377, or use our online booking form to find a remote real estate lawyer in Clinton. Debit, cash, VISA or Mastercard accepted. Axess Law makes hiring a virtual real estate lawyer in Clinton easy.

Some FAQs

What is an IRD (interest rate differential)?

IRDs are penalties charged if you change lenders early on, before your mortgage term is up. To calculate the IRD, subtract your lender’s current interest rate from the rate you were charged, then multiply that by the outstanding mortgage balance and months left on the loan. For example: Lender’s interest rate (6%) – your rate (4%) = 2% 2% x $200,000 outstanding balance = $400,000 $400,000 x 36 months left on mortgage = $1.2 million Divide by 100 = IRD is $12,000.

Why is my bank charging an IRD this time, instead of a three-month interest penalty?

Most likely, your previous mortgages had a five-year or longer term and you made payments for at least five years. The federal Interest Act prevents lenders from charging the IRD after the first five years, which is why lenders charge three-month interest penalties. IRDs are compensation for lost interest you pay a lender to break a mortgage early in the term. For example, 18 months into a five-year loan.

Can a Clinton realtor require a buyer representation agreement?

You can ask a realtor for assistance (making an oral contract). Eventually, all Ontario realtors have to formalize their relationship by signing a written client or customer agreement (there is a difference). Always ensure you understand the services, commission and expiry date in any agreement before you sign. Axess Law Clinton can review the terms and conditions when you are asked to sign a document you find questionable.

Do I owe a commission to a Clinton realtor whose contract expired?

Listing agreements have holdover provisions that protect realtors’ commissions. So yes, you pay a commission when your realtor showed a home buyer your property before the listing agreement expired.

Who pays for repairs if a house is damaged before the buyer takes possession?

Home insurance usually covers the damages, but be careful about timing. Flooding, severe wind damage, or even earthquakes may be included in home insurance policies. What can be up in the air is whose insurance is liable. Talk to Axess Law Clinton if the seller has already cancelled their insurance.

Is the SPIS mandatory in Clinton?

Completing a SPIS (seller property information sheet) is not legally required in Ontario. However, once you complete a SPIS, it has to be disclosed to all interested buyers. You could be liable for wrong or fraudulent information, and it’s your duty to update the SPIS if anything changes before the sale closes