Who Owns a Waterfront Property Shoreline

Cottage country may be calling you, but your waterfront property rights could belong to others.

Before you test the waters by buying a cottage in Ontario, ask your real estate lawyer about your riparian rights. 

How you use, enjoy, or even walk on the waters could be up in the air.

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Legal definition of waterfront property.

Private boat in a shoreline

Private or Public — Who Owns Your Shoreline? 

To be honest, your waterfront property rights are pretty well set in stone. The Province of Ontario owns the land under most waterfront through the Beds of Navigable Waters Act, RSO 1990, c B4. Read the Act

So who owns beachfront property? Usually the Crown. Even if you think you have a private shore because you own a low water mark, the Province may hold a legal interest in the shore road allowance. That’s the 20 metres between your land and the water.

Your Riparian Rights in Ontario

That said, you do have riparian rights to water that directly abuts (adjoins) your waterfront property. Those rights affect the flow, drainage, access, use, and quality of water from rivers, lakeshores, or any body of water. 

You can:

  • draw underground water to drink or for residential purposes
  • use navigable waters, even privately owned, to travel from one public waterway to another –  as long as you don’t stop midstream and trespass on private land
  • use non-navigable water, like brooks or streams on your property, any way you want, provided you don’t violate local bylaws or interfere with other landowners’ enjoyment. 

Common Canadian real estate law questions for waterfront property sellers.

Who Owns the Land Around a Lake

In fact, the only time a waterfront property is private is when it is surrounded solely by a landowner’s property. For example, if you create a manmade lake or pond, or a  natural lake is landlocked by your property. (The Province still owns your natural lake, but reaching it would be trespassing.) Here’s where to find the cheapest waterfront property in Ontario

Mortgage tips when you look for cottages for sale (Ontario). 

So Where Should You Put a Waterfront Property? 

Plan to set that waterfront property well back from the shoreline, like 30 metres or more. Popular waterfront haunts like Haliburton County can prohibit waterfront property closer than that. What’s in your county’s shoreline preservation bylaw? 

Setbacks protect wildlife habitat and preserve native vegetation by filtering harmful substances before they enter the water. Imagine a coffee filter. Tightly knotted root systems in natural vegetation absorb carbon and phosphorus the same way. 

Bonus: fewer algae blooms and your valuable waterfront property is better protected from flooding caused by spring runoff. Stop harmful algal bloom from spoiling your vacation. 

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