What’s the Difference Between a Wet Ink Will vs Dry Ink Will?

Making an electronic or “dry ink” Will is the Internet rage, or so it seems. Before you take the bait, here’s what you need to know about the differences between a wet ink Will vs dry ink Will. 

While Wills laws changed in January 2022, a wet ink Will is the only kind you can validly make  in Ontario. A dry ink Will you create yourself, or using e-forms, may be declared invalid by an Ontario court.

Now that isn’t what you want to happen after you pass on. 

Signing a document using an electronic signature

E-signing No Substitute for a Wet Ink Will


Your digital signature makes e-signing documents easy. You reproduce your signature using Adobe Acrobat, and store it on your hard drive or any mobile device. 

Adobe calls e-signatures legal, trusted, and enforceable. To some extent, that’s true. Adobe is  right that e-signatures are paper-free, and that’s good for the environment. A dry ink Will using your e-signature is pretty efficient too. It takes the pressure out of getting to a lawyer’s office to sign in person.

It just isn’t legal when it comes to your Ontario Will.

Hiring a Wills and estates lawyer to take the stress out of your legacy. 

Why You Need a Wet Ink Will in Ontario


Why that is relates to the electronic signatures act in Ontario. The Electronic Commerce Act, 2000 (chapter 17) requires that e-signatures meet a public body’s:

  • information technology standards
  • and requirements for methods and reliability of a signature.

You can’t force a public body to accept an e-signed document if they disagree. And the Act doesn’t apply to Wills and codicils, which are amendments to your Will. The Act also doesn’t apply to trusts created by Ontario Wills or codicils, or powers of attorney for property (financial affairs) or personal care.

So the answer to can i sign my Will electronically in Ontario is no. Can you draft your Will virtually, and sign it on a video conference call? Of course.

Difference Between a Wet Ink Will vs Dry Ink Will


Therein lies the difference. 

Axess Law drafts your wet ink Will during a remote video conference, or during an in-person meeting with you at our Greater Toronto Area or Ottawa offices. You drop into any of our open law offices to sign, and we give you a copy for your records. For a modest, one-time fee, Axess Law can keep your Will in our Wills storage.

Draft Wills and power of attorney documents that protect your family or assets. 

That hardly took any time and, unlike e-Wills, is perfectly legal.

Getting the last will and testament

Hiring a Lawyer for Wills in Ontario


You drafted a quick Will, had your spouse sign it, and put it away years ago. Now you’re having second thoughts. If ever you’ve worried a handwritten or holographic Will may be insufficient when the time comes, here is your opportunity to fix it. 

You’re right to be concerned. Only certain witnesses are qualified to sign Wills in Ontario, and an improperly signed wet ink Will could be declared invalid by a court when your estate trustee goes to probate it. You owe it to your loved ones to make a proper Will.

Find Wills and estate lawyers near me. 

Our licensed Wills and estates lawyers ensure your new wet ink Will is signed, witnessed, and properly executed. We write new Wills that replace yours, and make a new Will every time your financial or family circumstances change.

It takes just a few minutes of your day to draft a professional Will when you use Axess Law. We ensure your Will meets legal standards in Ontario, and give you a copy for your records. For a modest, one-time fee, we can even store it securely for you. You enjoy the reassurance your 

Will is completely up to date, and your estate trustees know where to find it.

What to include in personal Wills and estates

Wet Ink Will Options for Singles and Couples


Getting a basic Will, or drafting mirror Wills for your spouse or common law partner and you? Axess Law has lawyers near you. Our flat fee legal services are quick and convenient. We draft new Wills for less than traditional lawyer services because we give you only the legal services you require. 

Types of Wills in Ontario — find the one that’s right for you. 

You can make individual Wills with bequests to family, friends, or charity, or make a mirror Will with a significant other that duplicates common provisions that protect your family. Basic Wills start at $199.99 and up each plus HST. Making mirror Wills together, at the same appointment, costs just $149.99 and up each plus HST.  

Include power of attorney for property (finances) and personal care at the same time for a few dollars more. You pay only $249.99 and up each plus HST for a virtual Will and two power of attorney appointments. Or COVID permitting,  visit us in person at any of our Greater Toronto Area or Ottawa offices for $299.99 and up each plus HST.

Locate Wills Lawyers Near Me


Axess Law Wills and estate lawyers make day or evening appointments, 7 days a week. Drop by any open law office to book a time that works for you. Can’t make it in person? We connect with you online using remote video conferencing technology. Any home computer, laptop, tablet, or other compatible mobile device will suffice.

Use virtual lawyer services in Ontario. 

Our secure, confidential video conferencing software protects your privacy, while making it possible for you to make a wet ink Will from anywhere in Ontario. Using remote lawyers for Wills takes the stress and expense out of making it to a lawyer’s office on time. You can drop by any Axess Law office to sign your Will whenever it’s convenient for you.

Booking an appointment online for clients and lawyers

Book Your Next Wills Appointment


Book virtual Wills video calls anywhere in Ontario in just minutes. Our online booking form is easy to use, and lets you pick dates and times that fit your lifestyle. For personal assistance finding a lawyer for Wills near you, call our 647-479-0118 lawyer line. Toll free calls can be made to 1-877-402-4277. Axess Law has open law offices with onsite parking, or take the bus? We’re located near major transit stops in Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa.