What’s in More Homes for Everyone for You

Ontario is moving to create more homes for everyone. It’s welcome relief for beleaguered first home buyers in Ontario, and modest home owners relocating for work or planning to downsize. 

Bill 109, announced March 30, 2022, will take time to wind its way through the legislature. If passed, Ontarians could see: 

  • streamlined modular MURB (multi-unit residential building) approvals
  • more infill housing in vacant spaces 
  • and low-rise multi-unit housing added.

More encouragingly, a community infrastructure and housing accelerator tool will target now balky municipal approvals. Municipalities will be required to refund site plan application and zoning bylaw amendments fees if they aren’t approved by set deadlines. 

In a separate nod to renters’ plight, funding increases for the Landlord and Tenant Board to speed up case decisions and improve online services.

First home buyer incentives in Ontario. 

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What Critics Think of More Homes for Everyone

The bill is good news for the 83% of buyers who can’t afford the average Ontario resale home, or 56% of renters priced out of two-bedroom apartments. If they can find one — only 2% of rentals were vacant in March.

RESCON, the Residential Construction Council of Ontario, “applauds” the draft legislation as a good first step. With Ontario housing prices tripling in just a decade, RESCON says talent and business investments will head out the door unless government does more to stimulate construction and lower house prices. First home buyer incentives Ontario already has.  

That hasn’t stopped former parliamentary secretary for housing Adam Vaughan from criticizing the draft bill. “More of the same won’t make it (housing affordability and availability) better — and a lot more the same will make it worse,” Vaughan complains.

He says the province won’t increase affordability (“they are not interested”). Housing standards could be weakened by adopting the National Building Code of Canada, leading to cheaper but less durable or safe housing units to placate developers. 

A quicker, but no smarter planning process won’t be helped by a lack of action on the missing middle, Vaughan suggests. He predicts cuts to development charges will chip away at funding meant to create parks and other spaces to replace back yards when bigger, family-sized houses have to fit on less land.

New down payment rules for buying a first home in Ontario. 

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Where Government is Coming From

Ontario’s Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Steve Clark, concurs the province’s high housing costs are hurting its economy. 

He wants the housing plan to make it easier for municipalities, non-profits, and developers to build housing, and boost housing supply and choices. Clark expects cutting red tape, making housing more affordable, and reducing financial pressures from housing costs to achieve that.

Whether the plan, years in the making, unfolds as intended will be the litmus test for Ontario home buyers and renters. 

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RRSP mortgage tactics to stretch your budget.

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Why your spouse has to agree to sell property in Ontario. 

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