What to Look for in a Resale Home

Home buying is an art — you’ll need a well thought out plan to buy a resale home that holds its value.  

We can help, with home buying tips and tricks for choosing the right resale home.

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What type of home has the best resale value?

3 most important features to look for

What makes a house good?

6 factors that affect resale value

Who pays the HST on resale homes?

Taxes home sellers pay in Ontario

It’s easy to get caught up in the psychology of home buying and forget to ask a seller the important questions, like did you have a building permit for your home renovations? 

Houses with 2nd owners

Finding a Resale Home Value

The type of home with the best resale value depends on size, age, condition, location, and desirability to buyers. 

  • Homes with room to grow, like traditional colonials or ranchers, are easier to resell because they appeal to families.
  • Large lots, plenty of bedrooms, and storage space in a garage or basement hit the mark for the most buyers.
  • Go for an upgraded home if you expect to sell soon. They move faster than fixer uppers.
  • Big ticket items, like a newer roof and siding, save buyers money and can be a real selling feature.

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Top 3 Important Resale Features to Watch For

What are three important things you would look for when hunting for a home? Good things to look for in a house are: 

  1. Hardiness

Proper insulation reduces home heating bills and stops mould and mildew. Bubbling paint, water stains, or black mould can be a sign a home is poorly maintained.

Controlling how much moisture a resale home retains from cooking, bathing, breathing, or doing laundry makes it last longer. Vapour barriers (plastic wrap) used with pink or wool batt insulation stops cold and wet from travelling from a home’s exterior to interior. Boric acid-treated, blown-in or cellulose insulation, made from recycled paper, prevents insects and rodents from eating away at the attic.

Easily applied polyurethane-based spray foams to boost a home’s insulation can cost between $8,000 and $14,000 for new homes, suppliers estimate. https://reitzel.ca/article/spray-foam-insulation-cost-in-ontario-2022 Depending on a resale home’s style, condition, and age, the spray variety averages from $1 to $6 a square foot. 

Home buying tips for first tme home buyers

  1. A Solid Foundation

Is your resale home built on a solid foundation?

Sinkholes, water that flows towards instead of away from buildings, and tree roots too close the foundation can destabilize a resale home. Avoid these slippery slopes when home buying:

  • circular depressions or soft spots that indicate unstable soil
  • doors or windows that stick from ground movement
  • wet basement walls or floors caused by poorly sloped grades
  • or large foundation cracks from tree roots.

See what can happen if a sinkhole takes out your resale home

  1. Curb Appeal

A newer roof, attractive siding, and tidy landscaping and walkways add thousands to a resale home. Buy a right-sized home for the neighbourhood. Small resale homes surrounded by larger properties sell for less. 

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6 Things That Affect Resale Home Value

  1. Location, Location, Location. 

A gently used resale home can be upgraded. A noisy location in a deteriorating neighbourhood could be forever. Look for good homes near shopping, schools, hospitals, and transit.

  1. Quality flooring. 

Modern buyers prefer hardwood or good quality engineered floors to stained, worn, or dusty carpets.

  1. Vinyl windows. 

Newer windows save you the expense of sealing or replacing drafty windows. Vinyl windows are easily replaced if broken, and last up to 20 years. 

  1. Newer appliances. 

They don’t have to be top of line, but newer appliances save energy and can keep a resale home purchase on budget.

  1. Tankless water heaters. 

Popular for their energy savings (24-34% over conventional models), tankless water heaters produce hot water on demand, last longer, and are less apt to flood your home.

  1. Tiled surfaces. 

Tasteful tiles modernize bathroom, kitchen or foyer floors and backsplashes. They make a tired room look new again.

It all helps your resale home’s value if you decide to sell sooner than later.

Drafting the agreement of purchase and sale for a condominium resale home. Watch for these red flags when buying a condo

Paying HST on a Resale Home

Residential resale home buyers and sellers escape the 13% harmonized sales tax (HST), but pay the tax on:

  • real estate commissions
  • legal fees
  • professional home inspections
  • hiring a mover
  • and title insurance. 

HST is charged for resale homes with extensive additions, rebuilt from the foundation up, or formerly used as commercial business offices. 

Taxes for Ontario Home Sellers

How much tax you pay when you sell a house in Ontario is similar — 13% on real estate commissions,  legal fees, moving costs, and expenses like home staging, repairs, or upgrades.

Provincial land transfer taxes for buyers, and a municipal land transfer tax in Toronto, are extra. Check out taxes and rebates for first time and foreign home buyers in Ontario. 

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