Top Home Design Trends for Sellers

Stay on top of home design trends if you plan to sell your home. 

Even when renovating an out of date or older style home is out of the question, a few clever design moves could bring your home into 2023.

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Most popular home decor style right now

Most popular home style in 2023

Home design trends that are out for 2023

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Most Popular Home Decors

‘Home as therapy’ is popular among younger buyers, who value eco-friendly home design trends, and middle-aged homeowners looking for their house to be their oasis. Black is the exception to current home design trends that value subtle colours and warm tones, The Plan Collection says.

  • Strive to show off how treasured collections could be placed in your home. Help home buyers envision your walls as a frame for their collectibles like rugs, textured fabrics, or art. 
  • Biophilic design evokes nature by introducing fresh air, plants, or outdoor elements indoors. Spruce up the patio with a grilling area or screen-covered porch, If folding glass doors are impractical, add greens and blues to curtains, toss pillows, or staged furniture pieces.
  • Soft shades of cream for walls offer a neutral background for nature-based sand and grey accents. Add warm tones to furniture, accessories, or baseboard trims by mixing light and dark colours.  
  • Bring in a “punch of colour” by outlining doors and window frames in black. Showcase an industrial-style black light fixture over a dining room table. Before you put light fixtures in the offer to purchase, watch chattels vs fixtures? 
  • Splurging on a heat pump, mini-split air conditioners, or bamboo flooring appeals to energy-saving millennials. Staying home and shopping online has been reducing energy consumption, a 2018 consumer study shows. 

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Most Popular Home Styles in 2023

You can’t change your home’s style from Colonial to postmodern, but you could jazz up the interior with home design trends buyers want. Paying GST/HST on home sales. 

Decadance is back among 2023 new interior design trends at design house CB2, where beautiful, quality things never go out of style. That’s spelled luxury for all and vintage finishes that “evoke the sense of rare finds from high-end designers”. Quality finishes and craftsmanship resonate as desirable home design trends for experienced buyers on their second or third home. 

  • Select solid metals like bronze for bathrobe hooks and towel bars in ensuites. Bianco Cavalli-style grey and white marble countertops are “in” kitchen home design trends. So are painted wood countertops on islands. All-white countertops and cupboards are passé home design trends.
  • Reclaimed wood floors are making a comeback as a substitute for high timber prices. Inlaid, dark and light mixed tone hardwoods can take the place of throw rugs in foyers and living rooms.
  • Soften interior spaces with arched openings or curvy furniture. An arched porch roof puts the latest home design trends front and centre for prospective buyers.
  • The surge in home offices is a boon for homes with flex space potential. Create multi-purpose rooms for office and multimedia use to stay atop of 2023 home design trends.

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Home Design Trends Out for 2023

Maximalism, with its layered collections of spreads and pillows, is out. So is minimalism, extreme home design trends that saw furniture and collectibles tossed for the bare minimum needed for survival. Stark white and grey for walls are gradually falling out of favour as much as rattan furniture. Do sellers have to disclose asbestos? 

Home design trends specialists are predicting rooms and ceilings will be wrapped in colour. Open concept great rooms are also in the home design trends trash bin. Modern home buyers are looking for more privacy and dedicated spaces. 

Farmhouse style is neither in nor out. The warmth of timeless wood decor is welcome in any home. Combine rustic touches with modern trims by mixing wrought iron with whitewashed elements. Update your look without the expense by varnishing wood ceilings (if you’re lucky enough to have them) with a maple glaze. Then bring out the vintage wooden chairs to place around a cream farmhouse table. 

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