Six Things Your Lawyer Doesn’t Tell You

Sure your lawyer’s nice. Have you gotten too comfortable? Here are six things your family lawyer may not be telling you:

1. You can get many legal services in Ontario way cheaper.

Full service Ontario lawyers charge $165 an hour and up. You can expect to pay two to three times as much for an experienced Ontario lawyer as you would for an Axess Law notary public. Our local notaries do the job just as well, for far less. They can notarize affidavits, witness birth records, certify adoption papers and put their notary seal on official government documents. Many simple documents take just five to 10 minutes of our time. And at Axess Law, you pay a flat fee for most services. The first notarized document costs just $24.99 and every additional document $19.99. Every fifth document is free. Affidavits cost $89.99. That’s quite a savings.

2. Working 9 to 5 is passè.

Traditional lawyers can leave you waiting days or weeks to get in. Why struggle to fit legal problems around your workday or find a babysitter? If you work from home or have your own business, you know working 9 to 5 is passè. Axess Law notary publics are accommodating. They understand you are busy and can make day or evening appointments, 7 days a week, at times convenient for you. During social distancing, our notary publics are available by phone, video call or email. You can make in person appointments to see an Ottawa notary or get your documents notarized at any of our six other locations. We’re in a neighbourhood near you In Toronto, Scarborough, Etibicoke, Mississauga, North York or Vaughan.

3.  E-signatures are legal.

Some lawyers make you stop in their office to sign documents. Nowadays, online document signing is perfectly legal. Under Ontario’s Electronic Commerce Act, your certified e-signature is valid in any court. A virtual notary can even witness your signature by online video call. Our remote notary publics are sanctioned by the Law Society of Ontario. When you video conference using remote commissioning, our virtual notary verifies your identity and views your signature online. They check to ensure you aren’t being coerced to sign. Final originals are emailed to you to print and keep. All you need are an Internet connection, plus a computer or laptop (with a webcam) or phone or tablet. A record (called a secure audit log) is kept of all transactions to protect you from online hackers.  

4. Most Ontario notary publics are lawyers.

Ontario law requires notary publics to be licensed lawyers in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario. Some exceptions apply — for example, Ontario court officials can notarize affidavits for court applications. Our public notaries can handle almost any document you provide. When you hire an Axess Law notary, you receive the same quality legal services you expect from your family lawyer. Plus, because our law offices work on a flat fee rate, you pay for only the  services you require.

5. A notary can help you buy or sell a home.

Real estate transactions like buying a home or selling an out of town property are pretty complicated. Document registration agreements, land transfer tax affidavits, solicitor’s redirections — a maze of paperwork is required. Then there are the deadlines! As much as you want to save money, unless you are a lawyer yourself, you may miss out on important, legally binding details. An Axess Law notary public can close your real estate sale with a minimum of fuss. They check all the fine print in your agreement of purchase and sale and ensure the mortgage discharge goes according to your bank’s instructions. First time buyer? Rest assured we’re used to new home purchase jitters and can answer all of your final closing questions.

6. Getting a certified true copy takes minutes.

When you apply for a visa for out of country travel, the Canada Border Services Agency may ask for certified true copies of documents like marriage certificates, military service records, birth certificates or passports. You could ask your everyday lawyer for assistance. But wouldn’t it be more convenient if you could just drop into an Axess Law office in your community instead? We inspect your photocopied document to ensure the information matches the original and hasn’t been altered. It takes just minutes for our qualified notary publics to verify your document is a true copy of the original and put their official seal on it. That was painless.

Do Yourself a Favour — Book with an Axess Law Notary Public

Save on legal fees by booking an appointment with an Axess Law notary public. Call toll free to 1-877-552-9377 or 647-479-0118 in Toronto or use our online booking form to make an appointment. Indicate if you want a notary public to meet with you in person, by phone, email or remote video call. Our notarization services are flexible to fit your work schedule and deadlines. 
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