Six Signs It’s Time to Sell

Ready to sell or not, here are six signs it’s time to sell your home.

Signs to sell your house in the right time

It’s Time to Sell Your Home When…

1. Your Home is Too Small for Your Needs

Working from home or a growing family can put unnecessary stress on you and your family. That cute Etobicoke condo or modest Sudbury starter home was just perfect when you were single or newly married. Suddenly, you’re tripping over the dog and kids. No space to video conference from a home office or close the door to shut out noisy distractions can turn your home into a nuisance, not an acquisition.

2. Your Home is Too Big

The kids are gone and now the house seems enormous. Downsizing when you sell your home has its advantages. Storing treasures you rarely use or putting oversized, antique furniture up for sale can give you a new perspective on your priorities. You could travel, start a business or live a simpler life with the mortgage money you save when you sell your home and use the family cottage for visits.

3. Renovation Plans Fizzle

Your underused balcony would make a great enclosed dining nook. You could expand the kitchen and take in the view. Too bad the condo corporation won’t let you make the renovations you require. Who knew?

4. It’s Old and Looks It

Your home’s resale value could be headed south if exterior finishes like vinyl siding, indoor amenities or the lack thereof give away its age. Spa baths are in, carports are out. It’s time to sell your home when condo maintenance fees skyrocket to cover tearing out the elevators or replacing all the windows on every floor.

5. It’s a Bull Market

Jumping into the real estate market when prices are high can make sense. If you have built up enough equity to sell your home and buy a new one. Reconsider the urge to move if you may be priced out of the market and aren’t content to wait it out by renting.

6. The Neighbourhood is Changing

Your peace of mind is rattled by a major retail or residential development going in just next door or so it seems. Keep an eye on local media for signs freeways, transit or rapid growth could change the way you feel about living where you do.

Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer

Selling a home is easier when you hire Axess Law’s real estate lawyers (Ontario).

Transfer Title for Less

Axess Law takes care of the property title transfer (Ontario only). Whether it’s time to sell your home or you are adding names to house title in Ontario, making a title transfer is only $649 and up plus HST.

Discharge Mortgages or Refinance

Our real estate lawyers liaise with your mortgage lender on discharging a mortgage in Ontario. We prepare legal documents from banks, credit unions or private lenders to take out new mortgage loans. You pay flat rate legal fees every time — we charge just $799.99 and up plus HST for a mortgage refinance.

Axess Law can transfer the buyer deposit and sales profits after expenses to your mortgage lender or bank account.

Review Offers to Purchase

When it’s time to sell your home, Axess Law’s real estate lawyers scan your agreement of purchase and sale for clauses that give buyers rights you may not realize they have. We revise offers to purchase to give buyers 48 hours to commit or move on, allowing you to accept more lucrative deals that may come along later.

Owning new house
Buying a new property around the estate

Close Homes Sales Quickly

Axess Law real estate lawyers in Toronto, Greater Toronto Area or Ottawa work with you to meet obligatory deadlines for closing your real estate transaction. We negotiate with the buyer’s lawyer if their financing falls through and they need more time to find a mortgage lender. If buyers ask for repairs based on a home inspection report, we advise how to proceed. We can even deliver keys to home buyers or, when it’s more convenient, arrange pick up at a lock box.

Careful how you word home inspection clauses.

Affordable Flat Fee Legal Services

Access lawyers for less in Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, or anywhere in Ontario when you buy, sell, or transfer property. Axess Law’s flat fee real estate lawyers are affordable, and our rates are all inclusive (excluding taxes, disbursements, and third-party charges). Axess Law offers you only the legal services you absolutely need. Your final invoice includes no surprises or hidden charges. Your itemized statement of adjustments is explained when we deliver it, and we answer any questions you have about it.

Questions to Ask Real Estate Lawyers

Selling a House Privately

Do I need a lawyer to sell my house privately? Only a licensed lawyer can close the sale of a home in Ontario.
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Your Right to Cancel a Sale

Wondering can a seller cancel a purchase agreement in Ontario? It depends.
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What Happens to the Deposit When Selling a House

Buyers have a right to cancel an offer to purchase. But who gets the deposit when selling a house depends on how the agreement of purchase and sale is written.
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Getting to Yes

Your buyer won’t close. What now?
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Virtual Real Estate Closings

Are virtual real estate closings secure? Axess Law is a leader in virtual legal services. We use only secure, confidential video calling and e-signing services.
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Convenient Hours, 7 Days a Week

Sign closing documents at any of our conveniently located Axess Law locations in Greater Toronto Area or Ottawa, 7 days a week. We’re available day or evening, whatever works for you.

When you just can’t get away from home or office, our virtual lawyers can meet you anywhere in Ontario via online video conference call. Virtual real estate closings are safe and confidential.

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