Should You Sell Your Home on Zoom?

Annoying open houses getting on your family’s nerves — sell your house on Zoom instead. Video calls are tailor made for Ontario home sellers and buyers.

Instead of wranging the family out the door while strangers spend yet another weekend looking through your closets, ask your realtor to organize house tours online instead. 

They may just thank you for it.  

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Selling your property through online platform

How to Sell a House on Zoom

Have you thought about this? Your realtor gives house tours online by live streaming a walk through on YouTube and Facebook. 

They host a pre-advertised webinar — that’s where those email distribution lists come in handy — and show off your house on Zoom using the “allow live stream meetings” feature.

Recording live stream meetings while making house tours online can give your realtor, and you, a handy “m4a” audio file and “mp4” video file to share with real estate agents, or interested buyers. 

Take it a step further with an Internet podcast, and links to the video clip on the real estate agent’s social media accounts.

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Organize House Tours Online

Selling a house on Zoom is as easy as finding a tech savvy realtor. Google Zoom, sell real estate, and Ontario to get started.

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4 Most Common Questions on Selling a House on Zoom


1. What is a Zoom Room home?

Who isn’t concerned about how their home looks on Zoom house tours online? Zoom and Google Meets video calls are becoming so popular you really need a place in your home to greet your virtual guests. Welcome to a Zoom Room home, where your video parlour is as artfully arranged as the front entrance foyer.

Just as you dusted and cleaned for a weekend open house, your Zoom Room home can be immaculate. You’re ready 24/7 for unexpected Zoom calls because your real life disarray is out of sight. You’ll need stable WiFi, or a hard wired modem, a door that closes for privacy, and a spot for your computer, laptop, or mobile device. 

Light your area well. Natural lighting is flattering, or place a lamp just out of sight, to either side of your computer table. Your background should create just the right tone for the type of buyers you want to meet.

2. How can I make my house look better on Zoom?

Definitely declutter your space by putting little used items in storage for house tours online. Clean out foyer and bedroom closets so buyers can see how spacious they are. China belongs in cupboards, not the dishwasher or on a counter. Pet bowls, shampoos, and hair irons need to be out of sight.

Touch up walls by patching and repainting, and clean or replace annoying grout lines. Freshly cleaned drapes, dusted blinds, and shiny appliances show you take good care of your home. New door and cabinet handles can keep your home looking up to date without costly upgrades.

Don’t forget to sweep and vacuum floors, and dust the furniture, just as you would for an in-person open house. Hiring a home stager can work wonders. And pay attention to the exterior. A few touch ups, like neatly planted flower beds and a trimmed lawn can say a lot about your home’s fair market value.

3. What should you not do on Zoom?

  • Distract buyers by showing off pets, your taste in art, or an eclectic book collection. Put trinkets and memorabilia away during house tours online.
  • Have family members make “cameo” appearances, deliberate or otherwise. Remember, you’re selling your house on Zoom, not making an Oscars appearance.
  • Give away your identity by forgetting to take down degrees, or hide your mail. 
  • Make it hard for buyers to see inside your home. Ask your realtor for tips on how to light your home for optimum sales value.

4. Where can I get virtual backgrounds for Zoom?

Creative types like Innovatus Design have solved your design dilemma for you. Unzip here to find a neat background space for your next Zoom call. Otherwise, you can blur your background by going to settings + meetings + virtual background in the meetings (advanced) on the Zoom web portal when you sign in.  

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Seeking help from the advisers

Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer

Selling a home is easier when you hire Axess Law’s real estate lawyers (Ontario).  

Transfer Title for Less

Axess Law takes care of the property title transfer (Ontario only). Whether it’s time to sell your home or you are adding names to house title in Ontario, making a title transfer is only $649 and up plus HST.

Discharge Mortgages or Refinance

Our real estate lawyers liaise with your mortgage lender on discharging the mortgage on your existing home when you sell . We prepare legal documents at your lender’s direction so that title to your property transfers smoothly to the new buyer. Mortgage refinances are just $799.99 and up plus HST.

Axess Law can transfer the buyer deposit and sales profits after expenses to your mortgage lender or bank account. You can do all this from the comfort of your home, anywhere in Ontario, with our convenient remote real estate lawyer services. 

Review Offers to Purchase

When it’s time to sell your home, Axess Law’s real estate lawyers scan your agreement of purchase and sale for clauses that give buyers the right to cancel, and keep the deposit. We amend offers to purchase to give buyers 48 hours to commit or move on, allowing you to accept more lucrative deals that may come along later.

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Close Homes Sales Quickly

Axess Law real estate lawyers in Toronto, Greater Toronto Area or Ottawa work with you to meet obligatory deadlines for closing real estate transactions. Delays holding up your real estate closing? Axess Law negotiates to extend the agreement of purchase and sale. If buyers ask for repairs based on a home inspection report, we advise how to proceed. We deliver keys to home buyers or, when it’s more convenient, arrange pick up at a lock box.

Home inspection clauses can trip you up — here’s how

Closing off some terms and setting appoinments

Affordable Flat Fee Legal Services

You pay only $799.99 and up plus HST to sell property, or $999.99 and up plus HST to buy when you use Axess Law. Our licensed real estate lawyers give you the same great service you’d expect from a traditional law firm, and we charge for the services you actually need. You get an itemized statement of adjustments when your real estate transaction closes, and we explain all the charges before you pay. Your legal fees are all inclusive at Axess Law.  

Book Online or By Phone Today

Make appointments quickly with Axess Law’s convenient online booking form, or dial our 647-479-0118 lawyer line (toll free to 1-877-522-9377) for times and days that fit your schedule. Call to book virtual real estate lawyer services anywhere in Ontario, or drop by our Ottawa or Greater Toronto Area law offices

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