Buying a Condo

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Is Condo Living For You?

Investing in Ontario’s condo market can be great. Axess Law’s licensed real estate attorneys can look over your agreement of purchase and sale or close a condo sale for far less than you would pay for conventional legal services.

Condo living is a different lifestyle. If you’re used to living in a single family home or renting, be prepared to pay your fair share of common expenses like maintenance and landscaping and be responsible for the whole building, not just your unit. 

Factors to consider when buying a condo:

  • Does living “small” suit your lifestyle?
  • Do you want a yard or freedom to change your unit without strata council permission?
  • Is the condo reserve fund adequate to fix problems like wear and tear?
  • Do owners have major, outstanding strata assessments — special charges for repairs or purchases like the lobby carpet?
  • Is it in a desirable neighborhood? What are crime rates like? Is the area established or upwardly mobile?

How It Works


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Sign Agreement

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Documents We Need

Axess Law is there for you through every step of your real estate transaction. Speed up the process by keeping these documents handy.

Axess Law advises you on clauses to include or point out deadlines you must meet and obligations your legal contract creates for you.
Give Axess Law your mortgage lender’s contact information. Our lawyers liaise with your lender to discharge existing mortgages and confirm new mortgage financing.

Fire insurance is mandatory in Ontario when you have a mortgage. Your proposed insurer will give you a one-page fire insurance binder and our lawyers in turn confirm whether the certificate is valid and forward it to your mortgage lender.

Condominium corporations carry fire insurance for the whole building, including common parts of your unit, such as balconies. The details are contained in the condo status certificate you provide to us. We’ll touch on that next.

When you buy a condo unit, request a status certificate from the seller’s realtor or the condominium corporation’s property management firm. Our lawyers review this information to ensure fire insurance for common elements is in place.

Prior to closing, Axess Law will ask you for two pieces of ID. Proving your identity is obligatory to prevent mortgage and title fraud. You may use either two pieces of primary ID (Ontario driver’s licence, passport, Ontario photo card, Canadian citizenship card with photo or Canadian permanent resident card with photo) or one primary and one secondary ID (Birth certificate, social insurance card or major credit card with your name on it).

As the closing day draws near, your Axess Law lawyer will contact you to finalize the amount you need to bring to our office to conclude your home purchase.

What To Do Before You Sign

Before you sign an agreement of purchase and sale, ask your realtor:

  • Is the strata council well run? Check the operating budget, end-of-year financial statements and two years of council minutes for clues.
  • What is included — blinds, appliances, parking, a storage locker?
  • How much are the monthly strata fees and what do they include (gas, power, hot water or recycling)?
  • Do you get pool or gym access that would otherwise cost you extra?
  • Is the new home warranty still in effect?
  • Is the condominium corporation in court over owner or building disputes?
  • Are you protected by the wording of your home inspection clause?

Condos to Buy

Pre-construction — Pre-construction purchase contracts let you pick finishes, layouts, or the unit you want. Be aware you may have to wait a long time to move in. It can be years before your pre-construction condo is registered and ready to be occupied.

Condo assignments — If you change your mind about buying, talk to the developer or a realtor about assigning your unit. Selling the purchase contract before your unit is legally registered transfers your liabilities to the new buyer, along with the new home warranty and HST due on closing.

New build or conversions — Buying a new build or rental converted to a condo can allow you to cancel your purchase within the first 10 days. An unsatisfactory status certificate, legal advice, or finding a unit you like better all qualify as excuses.

Resale — For a gently used home with an experienced condominium corporation, buy a resale. Since the building has been operating for some time, budgeting is predictable, and issues like owning pets or rentals have already been worked out.

Common Elements in Condominiums

Condo owners pay a share of operating and repair or replacement expenses for common elements in their building. You may be responsible for:

Landscaping and grounds maintenance

Your designated parking spot, if it's a common element

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning costs

Amenities like exercise or party rooms or guest suites

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Some FAQs

Axess Law’s licensed Ontario lawyers can review your agreement of purchase and sale and point out changes you may want to make. We go over status certificates, the condo corporation’s declaration of its audited financial statements and reserve funds for repairs, and check pre-construction purchase contracts or assignments for sale for legal issues.
Yes! Axess Law can arrange for remote meetings by video conference anywhere in Ontario, 7 days a week, with convenient day or evening appointments that suit your schedule.