Replacing Pen and Paper Signatures with Virtual Signing

Virtual signatures, also known as “e-signatures” are an alternative to signing documents by hand. In the real estate industry, those documents might include things like an agreement of purchase and sale or mortgage documents. Instead of going into an office and meeting with your lawyer to sign the necessary documentation, you can review and sign a contract sent to you in just a few clicks by leveraging a secure, e-signature platform.

With Axess Law, you can sign your closing documents electronically. That means no more administrative headaches and time wasted trying to coordinate schedules and set-up in-person meetings to go over your documents.

On the other hand, we also offer a nation-wide mobile signing network for those who prefer to sign their documents with someone by their side. We conduct in-person signings in any region across all of Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia – underscoring our commitment to client convenience and satisfaction. Our goal is to empower our clients by bringing legal expertise directly to their doorsteps, unlocking convenience and accessibility in legal services.