Reduce Home Heating Costs With Energiesprong

Those heating and cooling bills sure add up, and that makes any time the right time for 

Energiesprong Canada.

Energy poverty is what you have when the cost of staying comfy in winter and cool in Ontario’s hot, humid summers gets out of control. Energiesprong, or ‘energy jump’, stops cold air from getting in, and warm air from getting out. That reduces home heating costs for participants.

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Energiesprong: The Green Home Retrofit Revolution

Energiesprong brings older homes up to net zero standards. It adds insulated exterior wall panels, solar panels, smart heating, and ventilation and cooling systems to existing housing to upgrade how energy efficient they are.

Multi-unit homeowners, like condo corporations or neighbourhood associations, can finance the cost through energy service plans. The plans replace regular utility bills, and give participants upfront funding for Energiesprong renovations.

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Why Energiesprong, Why Now?

Like other United Nations signatories, Canada is committed to creating a net zero emissions economy by 2050. The Netherlands, where Energiesprong comes from, will renovate 4% to 6% of its buildings annually to reach its 2050 targets.

Energiesprong is already active in the U.S., Germany, France and U.K. Canada will pilot it in six neighbourhoods starting in 2022-23. The 2022 federal budget lights a fire under green building retrofits. Government aims to limit carbon footprints by revving up the number of net zero homes for sale by 2030, and now retrofitting existing buildings by 2050.

Why Net Zero Homes, Green Retrofits Are Popular

Why? Because net zero homes produce their own renewable energy for heating, hot water, and appliances. They’re 80% more efficient than traditional homes, with more even heating and cooling, better air filtration, and lower energy bills. Here’s the buzz on net zero homes in Ontario. 

Adding retrofits recognizes that not every home is new. It extends the life of Canada’s existing residential and rental homes. Starting in 2022-23, the Canada Green Buildings Strategy will:

  • reform building codes
  • ramp up performance-based national building codes
  • encourage lower carbon construction materials
  • and make existing buildings more “climate resilient”.

The five-year, over $1 billion plan gives large housing projects, including low-income affordable housing operators, money to audit and improve energy use, and flows more loans and grant money.

Bring older homes to life with a heritage home renovation.  

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How Homeowners in Ontario Benefit

What to do if Energiesprong is not in your neighbourhood or condo corporation’s future?

Homeowners can still get up to $5,600 for energy evaluations and retrofits through Canada’s Greener Homes Grant. See what retrofits are eligible.  

The grants aren’t new, but ongoing support gives Ontario homeowners relief from the cost of:

  • adding insulation to cold-exposed spaces like attics or crawl spaces
  • sealing air leaks and buying smart thermostats
  • installing new ENERGY STAR® glass doors and windows
  • energy-efficient space and water heaters
  • adopting solar panels
  • or making climate-change ready.

How to adapt your home for climate change. 

Home Retrofit Funding for Ontarians

Ontarians are buying in seriously to clean, green energy. Better Homes Kingston‘s deep energy retrofits hopes to upgrade up to 50% of pre-1991 homes by 2040. 

The two-decade-old Green Municipal Fund cuts greenhouse gas emissions through housing retrofits all over Ontario. Toronto’s Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) demonstrates how. Low-interest, long-term loans fund energy and water efficiency upgrades for single family home owners. HELP loans attach to property taxes, so repayment transfers to the new owner if a property is sold.   

#Tarionmyhome: read this before you ask your municipality for an energy retrofit loan. 

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