Portable Mortgage Pros and Cons for Buyers

You heard a portable mortgage can save you money. You’re just not sure how. Welcome to the portable mortgage primer. 

What does it mean to have a portable mortgage? 

Basically, you can “port” your mortgage terms and conditions to your next home or property when you sell. 

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What a Portable Mortgage Is

Portable mortgages are an added feature you can request when you borrow to buy real estate. Your lender may offer it when you apply, or you can ask to have it included.

Interest rates are up to half a percentage point higher than regular mortgages. That’s because you can transfer a portable mortgage to a new property, without having to reapply for a mortgage. 

You avoid expensive penalties charged to break a mortgage before it’s due, and your mortgage is attached to you, not your home.

You may not ever use your portability feature. But if you buy a new home or land when interest rates are high, a portable mortgage can work to your advantage. 

How a Portable Mortgage Works

Here’s an example.

You buy a condo for $725,000, with a five-year fixed mortgage of $677,500 at 3.1% for 25 years. At year two, you sell your condo for $875,000. You buy a rowhouse for $805,500, putting $55,550 down and investing the rest. 

Since the rowhouse costs more than the balance on your existing mortgage, your lender blends and extends your portable mortgage. You pay the difference between your former interest rate (3.1%) and current interest rates (say 6.34%). The new interest rate is the average of the two rates (4.72%).  Your 25-year amortization period continues, as if you had never changed homes.

Like any credit product, portable mortgages have pros and cons. Estimate a blend and extend mortgage rate. (Estimate only – ask your lender for their best offer.)

See CMHC rules for down payments. 

Pros of Having a Portable Mortgage

Porting a mortgage is worth it if you change homes frequently or flip real estate for a living. 

Lenders may allow you to port your mortgage, keep the same conditions when you move homes, and increase the amount they borrow. It all depends on your credit relationship.

Here are the pros of having a portable mortgage:

  • Transfer your mortgage between properties when you move or sell.
  • Interest rates and terms stay the same.
  • No need to requalify, since you already have a mortgage.
  • You pay no prepayment penalties because you keep your original mortgage.
  • No need to restart your amortization period.
  • May reduce your mortgage closing costs. 

Get independent legal advice on mortgage refinancing. 

Cons of a Portable Mortgage

  • Only available once, when you sell and buy at the same time.
  • Blended interest rate may be higher than current rates — refinance your mortgage if the gap is significant.
  • Lenders may require you to buy a new home within 30 to 120 days.
  • Variable rate mortgages may not qualify.
  • Transfer fees can apply.
  • You may have to requalify. 

Do I need a lawyer to refinance my mortgage in Ontario?  

Transferring Assumable Mortgages

If porting your mortgage doesn’t achieve your goals, you can transfer a mortgage to another person in Canada. You free yourself from your mortgage obligations. Your home buyer, spouse, adult child, or friend take advantage of your mortgage interest rate and terms. 

Assumable mortgages require the new borrower to meet the lender’s credit score, gross debt service, and total debt service ratio requirements. On the upside, assumable mortgages can be easier to obtain, and transfer fees lower than applying for a new loan. Who qualifies for a CMHC low down payment mortgage. 

As long as the borrower makes their mortgage payments for at least the first 12 months, you can go merrily on your way. 

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