Minimum Room Sizes for Ontario Home Renos

Don’t let home renovations get a failing grade by being too small for Ontario Building Code minimum room sizes. Your next stop may be a building inspection lawyer! 

Seriously, as long as you have the permits and your project satisfies Ontario Building Code standards, you can build (almost) anything you like.

Get your free digital copy of the Ontario Building Code compendium and let’s get building.

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What is the minimum size house you can build in Ontario?

What is the minimum size for a bedroom in Ontario?

What is Part 11 of the Ontario Building Code?

What is Part 5 of the Ontario Building Code?

When did Ontario introduce regulations for accessibility?

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Picture the Smallest Tiny Home You Can Build

Visualize a modest bedroom with ensuite. Now wedge an inline kitchen into the space. You get the picture. How tiny are the room sizes? The minimum home size you can build in Ontario is an open concept 17.5m² or 188.368 sq. ft. tiny home. Tiny home room sizes in Ontario

Is it a Secondary or Laneway Suite?

Now a secondary unit or laneway suite is a different matter. 

Building a secondary home in your backyard that connects to a municipal laneway can bring in rental income or add living space for parents, in-laws, or adult children. But even laneway houses, and other secondary suites in your home or backyard, have minimum room sizes. Remove a construction lien if a subcontractor hasn’t been paid. 

Minimum Size Master Bedrooms

For instance, master bedrooms, excluding a walk-in closet, must have minimum room sizes of at least 9.8 m² (105.5 sq. ft.). See Ontario Building Code standards for laneway suites (Table 3). Add a secondary suite to your home or backyard. 

Secondary Bedrooms

Secondary bedrooms without walk-in closets will set you back 7 m² or 75 sq, ft,

Living Areas

You can get away with 4.2 m² (45.2 sq. ft.) for stand-alone kitchen room sizes. But open concept great room sizes, without space to sleep, are a minimum of 11 m² (118.4 sq. ft.). Building inspectors get out the measuring tape for room sizes of anything less than 13.5 m² or 145 sq. ft. when you plan to sleep in the same area where you watch TV, cook, and eat.

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Parts of the Ontario Building Code to Know

Familiarizing yourself with Parts 5 and 11 when you renovate can keep your new construction nice and legal. We highly recommend it.

Part 5

Keep your home addition dry. Consult Part 5 of the Ontario Building Code for wind, rain, groundwater, and condensation standards. 

Part 11

Renovations can be easier than new construction in Ontario. That’s because, depending on how complex your project is, you may not need a professional designer or engineer to sign off on construction documents. Part 11 applies to you if:

  • your residence is over five years old
  • the use remains residential, not commercial, institutional, or retail
  • changes to room sizes or other features won’t affect your home’s performance, such as causing overcrowding or adding too much weight on floor beams
  • and the renovated space is safe to live in.

Download Part 11 of the Ontario Building Code

Meeting Ontario Building Code Accessibility Regulations

January 2020 accessibility requirements in the Ontario Building Code give  commercial and institutional designers more direction on making it easier to get around. The province aims to be more accessible by 2025. See ways to create room sizes that are barrier free.

Keep accessible renovations centred on the user. Watch this video for tips on human-centred design for accessibility. 

Good luck and good building!

Why you need a lawyer

Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer

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