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For real estate lawyers Collingwood homebuyers and sellers can afford, call Axess Law. Our flat rate Collingwood real estate lawyer services cost you less, so you can buy that investment property you just can’t resist. Axess Law is a virtual Collingwood real estate lawyer service.


Real Estate Lawyer Collingwood

Axess Law’s Collingwood real estate lawyer services closes the deal quickly. Your virtual real estate lawyer in Collingwood searches titles to properties, and transfers them to the new buyer so you can move in or move on. Your Collingwood real estate lawyer can even review your initial offer to purchase to ensure all the terms and conditions are in order. Sign all the legal documents needed to complete your real estate transaction on time online when hire Axess Law. 

Buying a Real Estate Property in Collingwood

Add a spouse or family member to title to a property when you use an Axess Law Collingwood real estate lawyer to buy property in Ontario. Your virtual real estate lawyer in Collingwood can witness your signatures online, then register mortgages against title to a property for you. Your property purchase is complete before you know it. Our Collingwood real estate lawyer can show you how to close real estate transactions using your home computer, or any compatible mobile device.


Selling a Real Estate Property in Collingwood

Axess Law’s Collingwood real estate lawyer finalizes every step of your property sale. Whether you’re flipping an investment property or downsizing your family home, our remote Collingwood real estate lawyer can ensure you receive the full negotiated sales price. If a professional home inspection reveals concerns the buyer wants you to fix, your Axess Law virtual real estate lawyer in Collingwood negotiates with the buyer’s lawyer to minimize the cost and inconvenience to you. 

Refinancing a Real Estate Property in Collingwood

Search title to your property to ensure long-forgotten financial claims aren’t preventing you from refinancing a mortgage. When interest rates fluctuate, reorganizing your mortgage obligations can make monthly payments more manageable

Axess Law has a virtual Collingwood real estate lawyer as close as your phone or home computer to complete legal documents a mortgage lender will need to provide you with a new start.

About Collingwood

Windy Collingwood’s Blue Mountain proximity makes it a popular destination for skiers, snowboarders, and cavers alike. “November witches”, frequent wind storms that whip off the Georgian Bay that wraps around the town, give Collingwood its reputation. Attractively restored downtown heritage buildings have brought artists’ studios to what locals call “Creative Simcoe Street”. A day of touring the icy Collingwood Scenic Caves is easily capped off with a round of golf, or sail around the bay. Wasaga Beach is 20 minutes by car. With its cheaper home prices and abundant natural beauty, there’s no denying Collingwood is a good place to live, and a good investment in 2022.

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Sign Legal Documents by Video

Your Axess Law real estate lawyer in Collingwood can video conference with you 7 days a week, day or evening, at your convenience. Our online video calls and remote signing services take the work out of solving legal problems. Timely legal advice and low flat rate legal services — make your appointment by dialing 647-479-4118, toll free to 1-877-552-9377, or use  our online booking form to find a virtual real estate lawyer in Collingwood. Debit, cash, VISA or Mastercard accepted. Axess Law makes hiring a virtual Collingwood real estate lawyer easy.   

Some FAQs

Contracts you sign during an impromptu visit from a door-to-door salesperson are null and void under Ontario consumer protection laws. It works like this:

  • You can buy or lease a furnace from a door-to-door salesperson if you initiate the deal. When you phone or email a supplier to invite them to your home to discuss buying a furnace, any contract you sign is legally binding. 
  • Buying from a salesperson who appears uninvited at your door is not legal. You can keep the product or service without paying for it. If a collection agency or mover charges you to remove the product, the company that “sold” it to you must reimburse you. 
  • Companies that already have written contracts with you can schedule home visits for repairs, maintenance, or to write new contracts for products or services. Their representative must tell you ahead of time that they plan to offer a restricted product or service, and you must agree to hear their offer. 
  • You can cancel a contract within 10 days of receiving a written copy. You have up to a year to cancel if you don’t get a written copy, required information is missing, or you were told something false or misleading.

Air conditioners, water heaters, and other home products are on the restricted list for door-to-door sales. Click here for the full list.

It may be. Any transfer of an interest or right in land can be subject to tax, including some leaseholds. 


We say some because leases for 50 years or less are exempt. That is, provided any extensions or renewals don’t increase the term beyond 50 years. For example, a lease with 25 years remaining can be renewed or extended for another 25 years. Anything beyond that makes the leasehold ineligible for a land transfer tax exemption. 


That also means leases with terms greater than 50 years are taxable. For instance, land transfer tax is owed when you register, transfer or otherwise give someone a 99-year lease for a condo, home, or lot. The amount owed is determined by the fair market value of the land you are leasing, for strictly the portion the agreement applies to, even if you paid less for it.

Steer away from any mortgage broker who asks to be paid directly. Fees charged by mortgage brokers or lenders for their services are paid by your lawyer. They are held in trust by your lawyer, and paid by your lawyer as part of the statement of adjustments for the purchase of a home or land.

As long as they are not fraudulent or misleading, agreements you sign with Ontario mortgage brokers are legally valid contracts. Requesting you to sign a contract requiring fees be paid in advance, or directly to a broker or lender, is a definite red flag. Take your contract to our Axess Law real estate lawyer in Collingwood before you sign, or if you have already signed, do not pay the broker until you have legal advice.

Heat pump is a bit of a mislabel. Depending on the model, they can not only heat, but cool your home. Used appropriately, they can save money, although heat pumps operate best in moderate climates. Plan for supplemental electric heat, or a gas furnace, if temperatures dip below -20° C.

First, how they work. Heat pumps move cool air from outdoors into your home in spring, fall or winter, and heat it. On hot summer nights, they cool and air condition your home by transferring heat and humidity outside, the same way your fridge does. Since heat pumps don’t generate heat, but just move it around, they use about half the energy than an electric furnace or air conditioner. Advanced models can even heat water for your bath.

Ducted models can be included in new build construction or, at substantial cost, added to an existing home. Ductless models operate more like a portable air conditioner, and are better suited to condos, resale homes, and spaces where renovations are not feasible. 

Look for Energy Star Ratings to reduce heating and cooling costs. Picking an oversized or undersized unit will add to energy bills. Ask a heating and cooling contractor what size to use  based on your home’s size, windows, foundation, and construction.

See more FAQs

Axess Law’s remote real estate lawyer in Collingwood reviews your agreement of purchase and sale for essential clauses that protect your financial and legal interests. We check for your seller’s right to cancel if a buyer is late with a good faith deposit, or to keep the deposit if the buyer walks away without mutual consent.

Our virtual real estate lawyer in Collingwood amends your contract to change terms and conditions when needed. If a buyer wants minor repairs made or asks to reduce the cost after a home inspection, we negotiate with their lawyer on your behalf.

Axess Law researches title insurance to your property for financial claims or construction liens that can put a hold on sale of your home. We transfer the title to the new buyer, and prepare a final statement of adjustments showing your fees and expenses. Our remote real estate lawyer in Collingwood can arrange to collect your home keys, and pass them on to the buyer, concluding your home sale on time and for less than traditional legal services.

Real estate lawyers in Ontario complete the legal documents required to finalize a purchase or sale of a home or land. Concluding a real estate purchase or sale is a legal transaction, separate from the assistance your realtor or MLS listing service gives you. Your home sale or purchase is not valid or legally binding until title to the property is transferred by a lawyer. Your Axess Law virtual  real estate lawyer in Collingwood will calculate land transfer taxes, and adjust property taxes and utility costs so you pay only your fair share. Axess Law’s virtual real estate lawyer in Collingwood checks for financial claims or construction liens, and discharge mortgages, then hands you the keys.