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Get legal assistance when you need it with Axess Law Belleville virtual real estate lawyers. New to virtual real estate services? Allow us to introduce you to the most convenient real estate closing you might ever participate in. Axess Law Belleville joins you by remote video conferencing to review and e-sign documents you need. Our services are secure, encrypted and easy to use, 

Buying a Real Estate Property in Belleville

Buying a new home or condo is exhilarating. Now let’s make the most efficient use of your time by completing your sales transaction with remote video conferencing. Axess Law Belleville’s virtual real estate lawyers examine your draft or signed agreement of purchase and sale, and add in clauses your realtor missed. E-sign by encrypted video conference technology to keep your home purchase on time and on budget.     

Selling a Real Estate Property in Belleville

You’ve accepted the successful bid. Let Axess Law Belleville virtual real estate lawyers handle all the legal details involved in closing your real estate sale. Our legal team is accomplished at assisting real estate sellers remotely. We examine your agreement of purchase and sale, search and register titles to property, and discharge and finalize mortgages so your buyer can take possession when they want.

Refinancing a Real Estate Property Belleville

Trade your old mortgage for something new with a mortgage refinance. Whether you’re changing interest rates or terms, or taking cash out of your house to pay for college, Axess Law Belleville completes the legal documents required to approve your new mortgage.

You e-sign at your convenience by secure, encrypted video conference call. Using our virtual real estate lawyer service is quick and inexpensive. 

About Belleville

Huddled on the Bay of Quinte at the Moire River between Toronto and Ottawa, Belleville is home to Canadian icons Olympic figure skater Brian Orser and author Farley Mowat (The Snow Walker). Distinguished by its red brick High Victorian Gothic town hall, Belleville boasts its own symphony, ballet school, and impressive public library. It’s small enough to easily get around the friendly, busy downtown, with its lively music scene, yet headquarters to major employers like Magna International, Kelloggs and Procter & Gamble.    

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Some FAQs

Sagen™ is one of several lenders with newcomer mortgages. Their New to Canada Program requires that you immigrated to Canada in the past five years, have worked full-time for three or more months, and have at least 5% down. Other qualifications apply. Major banks also lend to newcomers. A mortgage broker can help you find potential lenders.

Increasingly they are, but Interest rates are usually higher, so be clear about your reasons. Consider your other debts, income, and money management skills. Borrowing to invest can be stressful if the investment fails, you lose your job, or become ill. Borrowing to build a rental suite increases your home’s value and your income.

Absolutely. Ask for hazards or pests like mould, mice, or termites to be dealt with before you take possession. Avoid making unreasonable requests, like repainting, caulking pinholes from picture hangers, or replacing a rug you dislike. Costly repairs, like a leaky roof, should be fixed pre-possession or the price reduced. Axess Law Belleville can advise what to do if the seller refuses and a satisfactory home inspection is a “subject-to” clause in the agreement of purchase and sale.

Any home can be a good value. Just remember, probate can take months or years. You may have to wait a long time if the beneficiaries dispute the Will. Deposits to secure an estate home can be higher, 10% instead of the standard 5%. And home inspections are a must, especially if the home is older or the owner was ill or frail.

Most buyers request at least seven days. Even at that, you will need to work quickly to get a home inspection and mortgage financing approved. Axess Law Belleville can work with the seller’s lawyer to propose more time if you need it.

They can be. Sellers are liable for the mortgage payments if a buyer defaults. Mortgage agreements are legal contracts, and hiring a lawyer to prepare this extra insurance against a defaulting buyer is an additional expense. So is foreclosing if that happens. (You could ask the buyer to pay the lawyer’s fees, but you will have to pay if they don’t.)

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