Is Your Realtor Steering You Away From 1% Commissions?

You heard you can save on realtor commissions using discount brokers. But using a 1% commission brokerage doesn’t seem to be working out at all. You’re just not getting the buying traffic you think you should. What’s going on?

CBC Marketplace asked that question too. What they found is an Ontario industry-wide practice: realtors steering you away from 1% commissions. It’s intended to increase realtor commissions, and improve realtors’ profits at your expense.

Now that can’t be right.

Relationship status within client and sellers

Selling Your Home and Realtor Commissions

Here’s why you need to be concerned about a realtor steering you away from 1% commissions.

You decide to market your condo in a prime Greater Toronto Area suburb. Selling should be no problem. 

Still, you’d like to shave a bit off realtor commissions. So you pay a small fee to a discount real estate brokerage to list your investment condo on the MLS. Having no real estate agent means not paying a standard 2.5% realtor commission (Toronto rates). Instead, you do all the work yourself, from posting for sale signs to illuminating buyers on the selling features of your home.

What to look for in buyers’ offers. 

Oddly enough, although your newer condo is in a great neighbourhood and priced competitively, showings are slow to materialize. Real estate agents aren’t calling with clients who want to tour your home, and almost none come to the open houses you so graciously host.   

Could it be a realtor steering you away from 1% commissions?

What is Considered Steering in Real Estate

 CBC Marketplace had a similar experience when its reporters started asking about the real estate commission in Ontario. 

They confirmed the practice of a realtor steering you away from 1% commissions was shared by many sellers. Real estate agents deliberately steered potential buyers away from homes listed by 1% commission brokerages. Buyers were told homes were overpriced, sellers weren’t willing to negotiate, or showings couldn’t be arranged. Some were even told homes had renters, making arranging viewings cumbersome.

Working with a realtor in Ontario — realtor duties to client

But that just wasn’t the case and, as Marketplace discovered, home sellers were frequently not even contacted by agents intent on getting standard realtor commissions. Those agents who did phone sellers walked away when they were offered a 1% commission. As it turns out, you aren’t the only Ontario seller with a realtor steering you away from 1% commissions.

Do Realtors Ever Lower Their Commissions?

What many sellers, and buyers, don’t realize is they have the power to set realtor commissions. RECO, the Real Estate Council of Ontario, gives sellers complete discretion over what they offer a real estate agent. You can negotiate whatever real estate commission Ontario agents are prepared to accept. In fact, a realtor steering you away from 1% commissions is crossing the line. We tell you why shortly.

Three Ways to Calculate Realtor Commissions

Sellers can offer Ontario realtor commissions based on:

  1. A fixed amount.
  2. Percentage of sales price.
  3. Combination of fixed amount and percentage.

How much do realtors make, by the way? An industry insider estimates, after fees and expenses, a realtor selling 10 homes a year and charging a standard 5% commission nets around $72,171 a year. 1% commission realtors make up for their lower fee by taking on more clients, and streamlining or automating their work.  

Can you keep the deposit if financing falls through? 

Revoked documents what to do

Stop a Realtor Steering You Away From 1% Commissions

A realtor steering you away from 1% commissions has committed an illegal act, according to RECO. The industry has been warned steering is illegal, and breaches real estate agents’ code of ethics under the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002. Their licences could be revoked, and agents fined up to $50,000 (up to $100,000 for brokerages).

Understand Realtors Commissions Before You Sign

Before you consider working with a realtor in Ontario, read these rules about realtor commissions.  

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