Is Solar Power Cheaper than Electricity?

You take a risk buying a solar-powered home, so now’s the time to calculate the odds by asking yourself:

  • is solar power cheaper than electricity, and
  • is solar power as good as electricity?

Using solar panel

What is Solar Power Used For?

Going green with solar power reduces carbon emissions, and cuts electricity costs in time. Using it exclusively to power your home the way electricity does can depend on where your property is located. Your lot’s and roof’s orientation to the sun, and a lack of trees or surrounding homes to obstruct solar panels, all matter. You’d be well advised to ask a solar energy professional is solar power cheaper for you?

Watch out solar power renos don’t void a new home warranty

Is Solar Power Cheaper in the Long Run?

How much solar would it take to power a house anyway? The BRELteam, realtors selling in Greater Toronto Area, estimate an average home requires a 4.75kW solar power system. That’s roughly equivalent to a GTA homeowners’ annual electricity usage of 9,500 kWh.

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Pros That Make Solar Power Cheaper

How cheap is solar power, and why? Expect to pay 9 to 11 cents per kWh for solar power in Ontario, compared to about 23.5 cents per kWh for electricity, the BRELteam says. That supposes you’ve fully paid for your system, in eight to 10 years.

Building permit problems for home buyers, solar power or not. 

The wait is worth it. Bluewater Energy estimates every 1kW of solar power adds around $6,000 to your home’s value.  

Plus, you alone control your energy bills. Since you produce your own solar power, you can sell surplus kilowatts to Ontario Hydro, or collect credits to apply to your bill during the year.  

Including the right of inspection in your sales offer. 

Cons of Solar Energy

SolarReviews, an independent reviewer of solar panel brands, has some advice for home buyers considering a property with an alternate energy source. You can probably guess the two main disadvantages to solar energy by now.

  1. Installation costs are high, making buying or building pricier. Budget $2.50 to $3 per kWh, or between $11,700 and $14,250 for 475 kWh, the BRELteam suggests.
  2. You need ample sunshine to make it work.

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Solar panels at home

Weathering Solar Power’s Cheaper Side

Clouds, snow, and the sun’s intensity at different times of day and year all affect how much solar power your system can generate. The sun doesn’t shine after hours, and what angle your roof is at, plus your shingles’ condition, affect the practicality of installing solar overhead. Ground panels are costlier, but easier to configure, if you have the space.

Speaking of space, solar power’s low energy density, or how much energy it creates based on the space it occupies, is the biggest constraint to making solar power cheaper for Ontario homeowners. Unlike electricity, that space is your backyard or roof (26.47 m² of it), not a forested right of way.

Finding land that makes solar power cheaper. 

Who Gets the Solar Panels When You Sell

You likely won’t be taking your solar panels with you when you move. That makes your new power system a fixture, not movable chattel. Make sure your agreement of purchase and sale reflects that.

A word to the wise: If you’re buying solar-powered property in Toronto, ask the seller’s agent how the unit was financed. New homeowners are responsible for taking over the payments if a seller borrowed from the city’s Home Energy Loan Program to install solar power.

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