Is Having Pets in Condos Legal?

You’re buying a new home and just assumed having pets in condos is no big deal. 

Not necessarily. Whether you can house pets in condos depends on where you buy and when.

Pesky barking, messy litter in the garbage room, pythons on the loose — condo corporations have their reasons for banning pets in condos.  

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Is a ban on pets in condos legal?

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Pets in Condos — Canada Laws You Should Know About

Pets in condos are commonplace. 

But can a condo say “no pets” in Ontario or ban pets in Toronto? Yes, pets other than service animals like guide dogs for blind owners or trauma support animals.

How much power does a condo board have? Only the power to make bylaws, rules, and declarations that affect condo owners’ enjoyment of personal and common or shared property. 

That includes:

  • if pets are allowed at all
  • when a new no pets rule takes effect (your pet may be “grandfathered” in)
  • how the condo board treats nuisance pets
  • and when owners can be asked to evict a pet. For instance, your pet may be able to stay if a condo board neglects to act sooner rather than later. 

Mediate or arbitrate a dispute with a condo board. When to sue a condo corporation in Ontario. Taking legal action against condo boards

Why Bans on Pets Are Legal

Two Ontario legal rulings set the standard for restricting pets in condos:

  • Pet bans have been a regular feature of condominium declarations since the 1975 York Condominium Corp. No. 42 v Melanson court ruling. The decision invalidates restrictions on pets in condos in building by-laws or regulations, while allowing condominium declarations to ban pets.  
  • Dogs were disallowed in an Ontario condo in a 2022 Condominium Authority Tribunal decision, Decoste v Halton Condominium Corporation No. 134. The tribunal prevented a condo owner from declaring “legacy status” for a dog she made a deposit on before a no dogs rule was adopted. 

If the rulings sound contradictory, they aren’t. The Decoste decision didn’t question if condo corporations could have rules stating no pets in condos. It strictly dealt with the rights of a dog 

bought before the rule was made. 

You see, the Halton Condominium Corporation no dogs rule exempted pets already living in the building before Feb. 1, 2022. The owner took possession of her new dog in June. She was out of luck, but you may not be if you follow Ontario law on service animals and guide dogs

Locate Policies on Pets in Condos

Where that leaves you is this: verify independently if pets in condos are permitted before you invest, buy, or adopt a new friend. Realtor duties to clients include informing you of no pets in condos policies. But that only applies if you make it clear you already have or plan to bring pets. Find an Ontario realtor

If your real estate agent doesn’t know the answer, ask to see the condo corporation’s declaration to find out if buildings you plan to invest in ban pets. The declaration explains what owners’ rights and obligations, and what types of pets (if any) you or your tenants can have. 

It’s worth knowing before you assume your precious pets are welcome.

Check your realtor’s status with the Real Estate Association of Ontario. 

Talking to a real estate lawyer

Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer

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