Is Buying a Home in Winter Cheaper?

Does the thought of buying a home in winter make you shiver? Here’s something to warm you up. The advantages of buying a home in winter can far outstrip waiting for spring.

No one wants to move when it’s cold and blustery outside. Buying a home in winter may not even have crossed your mind. Maybe you’re worried about home prices. Are houses even more expensive in the winter?

The truth is houses are not more expensive in the winter and, in fact, it can be cheaper to buy a house in winter. Home sellers who’ve been on the market a long time — or need a quick sale to relocate — can be motivated to reduce their price when winter winds start howling.

Buying home properties around winter season

Secret Advantages of Buying a Home in Winter

Picture this. Your competition stays home, toasting their feet by the fire. You pound the pavement and come out on top. 

Sound enticing? Winter is the cheapest season to buy a house if saving money is a priority. Here are four tactics you should know about when you’re house hunting.

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Looking On the MLS When You’re Buying a Home in Winter

Chances are unsold gems are lurking on the MLS, just waiting to be toured. Pull on your woollen scarf and ask your realtor for a list of homes in desirable areas that have been on the market 90 days or more.

By now, home sellers can be anxious for a sale. You swoop in with a lowball offer and voila!, it could be yours. Even if you have to counteroffer, you just might get a better deal than the list price.

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Quizzing Your Realtor About the Sellers’ Motivations

Who lists a home in winter when they could wait for more lucrative spring markets to arrive?

Relocating families, cash-strapped debtors, and home flippers with way too much inventory, that’s who. And that means buying a home in winter doesn’t have to be that hard.

Are you buying chattels vs fixtures? Telling the difference.

Find a realtor who lives or works in the neighbourhoods you’re interested in. They’re more likely to know when new inventory comes on the market because they spend more time driving around the area.

Finding realtors among neighborhood that will help you

For Sale by Owner Deals

Bonus! You’ve found a FSBO (for sale by owner) property. That makes buying a home in winter even easier.

Watch for “homes for sale” ads in daily or weekly papers and on social media. They’re most likely from sellers who’ve decided to skip the commission by being their own sales agent. When you see a Purple Bricks or sign go up, walk their way.

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FSBO sellers have fewer expenses, but less opportunity to stand out in a crowded real estate field. When MLS agents aren’t calling daily for home tours, any offer can be welcome.

Water Cooler Windfall

What better place to look when you’re buying a home in winter than the water cooler at work?

Virtually or otherwise, put your colleagues and non-Facebook friends to work by hanging out in the coffee room. You could find home buying bargains by canvassing home owners who could be reluctant to show their home in winter.

How a home inspection clause (Ontario buyers) protects you.

Planning thorough inspection

Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer

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Access Lawyers to Buy a Home in Winter

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