Is a Homeowner Liable for Contractor Injuries?

Home contractor injuries can make a dent in your wallet, and your home insurance policy.

Injuries happen. Slips, trips, and falls are an everyday occurrence. When it’s on your property though, contractor injuries can make you potentially liable.

Your worst nightmare comes true — a home contractor gets hurt building your new open plan kitchen. Those support beams are pretty unwieldy.

Surely, contractor injuries are their employers’ responsibility, you think. But wait a minute, who is their employer?

How to write an affidavit for Ontario courts if you get sued. 

Engineers in constructing site

What Happens When You Hire Contractors

General contractors are employers when they hire subcontractors. Hiring your own trades can make you the “constructor” under section 23(1) of Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act. Read the Act.

You could be responsible for not only supervising contractors’ work, but ensuring their health and safety. What’s more, home renovation contractors working alone may be exempt from Ontario Worker Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) regulations. WSIB’s no-fault workplace insurance coverage for employees doesn’t extend to independent contractor injuries. 

Unlicensed contractors put you particularly at risk. Think twice before hiring a contractor who insists on being paid in cash.

Your Occupier Duty of Care

Ontario’s Occupiers’ Liability Act gives homeowners an obligatory duty of care to prevent contractor injuries by ensuring your home, land, and property like water, vehicles, or portable structures are safe. 

Personal injury lawsuits hinge on proving you were negligent, and that resulted in contractor injuries or other harms. Successfully suing for contractor injuries requires a legal claim to satisfy all four elements of negligence law:

  1. You had a duty of care.
  2. That duty was breached.
  3. The breach was caused by your actions or inactions. 
  4. The breach resulted in the contractor injuries, or other damages.

Documents to give a personal injury lawyer for court. 

5 Types of Injuries in Construction

Construction workers’ highest cause of injury, the five most common injuries, include:

  1. Slips, trips, and falls from loose debris, clutter, bad lighting, or other household hazards.
  2. Falls from heights, such as climbing on a roof without a safety harness, or using a poorly maintained ladder.
  3. Vehicle mishaps caused by poor visibility, distractions, or backing up without warning.  
  4. Struck by flying or falling objects while working under scaffolding, or around loose materials like boards.
  5. Electrocution from electrical shock or arc flash from improperly grounded wires, unsafe equipment operation, or exposed electrical parts.

What new home construction lawyers look for. 


Steps to Take Before Hiring Contractors

Before you hire anyone:

  • Ask to see their trades licence.
  • Verify if they are registered in the Skilled Trades Ontario Public Register. Not all trades are registered. Check the list here.
  • Ask electrical contractors for their Electrical Safety Authority/Electrical Contractor Registration Agency license number. Confirm their licence is valid.  
  • Get three or more references for past work.
  • Request an insurance liability certificate showing they have commercial general liability insurance, or pay into WSIB.
  • Ask your municipal building permits office about local licensing requirements. For example, Toronto requires building renovators to have a municipal licence and signed contract with a homeowner.

How to settle a dispute without going to court. 

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