Investor Alert: Flipping Houses and Canada’s New Tax

Speculators used to flipping houses are in for a surprise when Canada’s new anti-flipping tax is introduced. 

It’s still too soon to accurately predict if a tax on flipping houses will put a chill on investor profits. 

Federal housing minister Ahmen Hussen has yet to report on how the tax will work. What the Liberal government has said so far is this:

  • The tax will curb speculation caused by flipping houses.
  • The strategy is expected to cool high housing prices.
  • Investors will be considered to be flipping houses for profit if they hold a residential property less than a year.

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Tax and regulations among buyers and sellers

Who’s Exempt From Taxes for Flipping Houses

Not all shortly lived housing purchases will be taxed. Ontarians flipping houses because of a pregnancy, death, new job, marital breakdown, serious illness, or disability will be exempt. Any change in your life that legitimately forces you to sell a recently purchased home may qualify. 

For example:

  • sales of vacant land
  • a natural or man-made disaster that destroys, condemns, or damages your home
  • or having your home condemned.

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Eligible Deductions Expected 

Some deductions are expected to be eligible for favourable tax treatment. Government has stated sellers will be able to deduct certain costs they incur while flipping houses. Details on those will be announced later.

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What’s Behind a Tax on Flipping Houses

Speculation taxes on flipping houses are part of the federal Liberal 2021 election platform. Where government is headed on investors making a profit from flipping houses is evident from comments like this on REITs (real estate investment trusts): “Homes should be for people to live in, not financial assets for investment funds to speculate on.”

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The tax puts a damper on investors who claim principal residence exemptions while flipping houses soon after purchase or transferring title. Starting with the 2022 tax year, profits from home sales will be treated as capital gains.

Computing expenses and checking documents

How the Tax Affects Resellers

Sellers suspected of flipping houses can already be denied the principal residence exemption. That leaves you vulnerable to having any profits assessed as business income, instead of earning the 50% capital gains deduction available to homeowners.

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Business income is taxed at 100%. That property you purchased for $450,000, upgraded, and flipped for $600,000 may net you an $100,000 profit, after renovation costs are deducted. If that pushes you into Ontario’s highest income tax bracket (50%), by the time CRA collects its share, you could be left with $50,000. 

Business taxes can also be charged retroactively if CRA decides you purchased a home with flipping in mind. CRA may even claw back HST (harmonized sales tax) rebate for a pre-construction condo you buy or home you build.

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Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer

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When your negotiations are complete, we search title to your property to find construction liens or financial encumbrances, and advise you what to do if they stand in the way of closing your sale.

Your final statement of adjustments includes your share of property taxes and utility payments, and shows the amount you paid or received as a good faith deposit. We explain all your legal fees and disbursements, and answer any questions you may have.

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