Investing in Real Estate Housing Corrections

Now an Ontario housing correction is on the horizon, the time could be right to snap up investing bargains. 

The housing correction Canada has been expecting is officially here, according to observers at “Big 6” banks and real estate firms. 

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Will real estate prices go down?

Will there be a real estate correction in Ontario?

Will the real estate bubble burst in 2023?

Are rooming houses good investments?

Perils of using REITs for buying an investment property in Ontario. 

Real Estate Prices Trending Downward

Much anticipated lower home prices marched into Ontario with the 2022 Ides of fall. 

A Toronto-Dominion Bank economist projects home prices will settle at 20% below pre-pandemic levels in 2023. Keep ample cash ready to take advantage of the housing correction. Qualify for investor mortgages with 20% down.

Home owners are holding onto properties to outwait the housing correction. That could leave Investors limited to distressed properties or foreclosures in high demand markets, and looking further out for bargains in outlying areas. Four steps to foreclosures Ontario investors should know. 

Look further afield for bargains in outlying areas. See what’s happening to cottage prices Ontario 2022. 

Mortgaging lakeside property

A beautiful place

Timely Room House Investments

Rooming house investments could creep up in popularity as renters clamp down on spending. Profits can be positive for rooming house investors, who get the advantage of more rent per square foot than for a single family home or apartment condo. Is buying an investment property for you? 

Having more rooms to rent reduces the impact of vacancies. Finding tenants can be easier because of the lower rents, and property taxes may not be too onerous either. Most rooming houses occupy the same space as a detached home. Why rooming housing investing is the next big thing in Ontario. 

Finance a student rooming house through CMHC. 

Long-term Prognosis for Ontario’s Real Estate Bubble

It’s a popular refrain, but Ontarians have proven battle hardy before. 

True to that spirit, “pockets of resilience” are holding tight. Despite that, a province-wide housing correction is generally expected over the next eight months. Benchmark prices in Toronto have risen 71% since 2019, putting the city in prime territory for a housing correction. Prices were down by 8.6% this year.

Cheap interest rates and tight housing supply coupled with demand from newcomers and migration from other provinces inflated the real estate bubble. So what’s next? 

Forty per cent of Canadians in a Royal LePage survey are optimistic about home buying, but have deferred their plans for now. While there’s no buyer’s remorse law Ontario-style, investors are right to ask “can a buyer cancel an offer to purchase”? Even though cancellations are slowing, it can be a real option for financially stretched buyers in a housing correction. 

What an Ontario Housing Correction Could Look Like

Read what the real estate industry is saying —

Real estate observers see rocky road ahead 

Royal LePage cuts home price forecast 

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