Indirect Consequences of Canada’s Foreign Buyer Ban

Indirect consequences of Canada’s two-year foreign buyer ban may be reducing its impact.

The ban has narrowed the pool of foreign buyers Toronto homebuyers traditionally compete with. It’s put the brakes on new rental housing and commercial development throughout Ontario.

That’s causing alarm in Canada’s priciest real estate market, where indirect consequences can play havoc with housing supply.

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Just What is the Foreign Buyer Ban 2023?

Why is Canada banning foreign buyers when under four per cent of Ontario properties are  owned by non-residents?

Quite simply, home affordability. Modest homeowners and first time home buyers alike are having a hard time getting into the province’s traditionally red hot housing market. FAQs on the foreign buyer ban

While prices have cooled since their 2022 peak, down payments of $200,000 are common for new and resale homebuyers. Freezing out foreign investors by levying a 25% provincial tax and federal foreign buyer ban from 2023 to 2025 gives Ontario buyers a break from speculators who force up home prices. 

Why Banning Foreign Investment in Canada is Tricky

That same effort gives some housing analysts misgivings. 

The foreign buyer ban halts non-Canadian and foreign-controlled entities from buying vacant or developed land without dwellings on it and zoned for residential or mixed use. For Canadian subsidiaries, commercial development could grind to a halt until 2025.

REITs (real estate investment trusts) with three per cent or more foreign ownership are also impacted by the foreign buyer ban. That’s tough on renters who rely on REITs to finance affordable housing and condo developers prevented from using foreign equity.   

The Act goes further. Besides putting foreign-owned housing projects on temporary hold, the ban classifies leases, mortgages, and shares as purchases. That translates into cancelled or delayed contracts for builders and suppliers.

As industry lobbies for changes to keep housing developments afloat, commercial lenders and real estate managers are fielding the fallout.

Who is Exempt From Canada’s Foreign Buyer Ban

Recent immigrants or families who find the measures unnerving can take some comfort in the foreign buyer ban regulations. “The regs”, as they’re called, to the Prohibition on Purchase of Residential Property by Non-Canadians Act exempt:

  • International students who have been in Canada most of the past five years. They can buy homes priced up to $500,000.
  • Foreign workers who file Canadian tax returns for three out of four years before purchasing property.
  • Temporary foreign residents, such as refugees and people fleeing conflict.
  • Diplomats and consular staff.
  • Employees of international organizations living in Canada.
  • And owners of multi-unit buildings with four or more units or recreational property like cabins and vacation homes. 

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Why You Could Owe NRST During the Foreign Buyer Ban

Given the ban, the Ontario provincial government’s October 2022 increase to its non-resident speculation tax (NRST), to 25% from 20%, may seem odd. The province argues federal foreign buyer ban regulations exempt some owners, like foreign recreational property buyers, who would still owe NRST. See if the NRST applies to your property

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