How Neighbourhood Character Predicts Good Resale Value

When resale value matters, ask your Ontario realtor if a community has a neighborhood character study.

Uncertainty about a neighborhood’s future can reduce house prices.

But a neighborhood character study, now that’s something you can take to the bank.

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How do planners decide if a neighborhood has character?

Why is neighborhood character important?

What is a character overlay?

How can neighborhoods improve their character?

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What a Neighborhood Character Study Tells You

Ever notice how some communities seem full of charm or vigor? That’s the neighbourhood character. You can’t put a price on feelings, but you can read the neighborhood character study to see if a community is where you want to live now or in future.

Is your proposed neighborhood:

  • easy to navigate or complicated by cul-de-sacs
  • walkable, with bicycle or pedestrian paths, or car-centric
  • on a greenbelt or waterfront with public pathways and views
  • beside a community center, swimming pool, or entertainment complex
  • near stores, services, schools, or daycare
  • decaying or revitalized?

Every neighborhood has character. A neighborhood character study can help your community evolve into the vision of what you and your neighbors want it to be.

Is it any wonder real estate developers and urban planners alike turn to a neighborhood character study when they want to know what makes a community appealing, change zoning for designated areas like warehouse districts, or preserve heritage buildings?

Traits That Add Neighbourhood Character

A neighborhood character study identifies essential traits desirable places share:

  • architectural compatibility in building heights, sizes, or materials
  • harmonious building designs and colors
  • appropriate scale, such as placing big box stores together
  • vistas or termination points like a pleasing view
  • a distinctive personality
  • renewal and restoration initiatives
  • attention to streetscapes (light fixtures, benches)
  • ease of navigation via signs, pathways, or street designs
  • interpretive signage for visitors
  • entrances and exits that direct traffic and pedestrians
  • and attractive landscaping.

Huge Heart Display that adds traits to neighbourhood character

Overlaying Character on Existing Neighborhoods

When your neighborhood matters to you, but your community looks dated, urban character overlays may be the answer. Overlays lay down development standards like architectural features, where buildings are placed, or how many floors buildings can be. They’re a zoning tool for controlling development in designated areas.

Designing Dundas Place, re-imaging community streets

How to Do a Neighborhood Character Study

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Plan Land Uses Wisely

Residential, commercial, and industrial uses can change over time and even be contradictory. Who puts a neighborhood pub beside a daycare? A neighbourhood character study can identify conflicting trends in land use approvals and make a plan for future, more compatible development. See a neighbourhood character study in action. 

  1. Choose Pleasing Urban or Visual Designs

Mature trees and view corridors with public vistas like parks, courtyards,  or waterfronts are on many home buyers’ lists. A neighbourhood character study looks at the blend of building styles, sizes, types, and arrangements that make a community unique.

It can recommend urban design practices that make residential and business areas more 

visually interesting to live and work in like:

  • creating gathering places along a waterfront
  • restoring historic streets
  • installing public art
  • or adding street furniture or signs.

Do’s and don’ts of heritage home renovations

  1. Create Cultural Resources

Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment — local museums, art galleries, nightclubs, and theatres give your community high livability scores on a neighbourhood character study. Creating cultural districts adds resale value to your home. Where millennial house buyers (Ontario) can find liveable communities

  1. Measure Your Quality of Life

Crime rates or quick access to services like hospitals worrying you? A neighbourhood character study gives you a snapshot of quality of life issues like employment stats, housing affordability, and street safety.

  1. Design User-friendly Streets

Are you really prepared to trade price for a busy street? A neighbourhood character study can alert you to traffic issues like how new developments will affect road users. It gives you fair warning about potential conflicts like being on an airport flight path and suggests ways to calm traffic in your area.

See what we mean when we say character creates value? More on how to plan a neighbourhood character study

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