Housing Market Corrections and Preconstruction Condo Values

Condos are the latest victim of Ontario’s housing market correction. 

With the Bank of Canada (BoC) raising its overnight lending rate to 4.25% in December, condo buyers are right to be nervous.

What it means for buyers of preconstruction condos is something else.

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2023 Prognosis for Canada’s Housing Market Correction

Condo sales dropped 10% between August and September at national realtor Re/MAX. Amidst the BoC’s seventh rate hike in less than a year, that’s the lowest point condo sales have been at since 2002. 

Canada’s housing market correction is definitely cooling Ontario condo prices, and that’s expected to continue into mid-2023. Fortunately, market analysts point out the BoC has changed how it describes its plan to collar the country’s 6.9% inflation rate. 

That’s how much the cost of an everyday basket of goods and services, like food, clothing, shelter, and transportation, has increased in the past year. It compares to 3.4% for 2021.

Analysts currently believe the BoC is in wait-and-see mode. Read what economists are saying about where Canadian interest rates are headed

For variable rate mortgage holders, it’s more stressful news. With trigger rates looming (the point where homeowners pay more monthly for interest than principal), decisions about whether to sell or change to a higher interest rate with a  closed rate mortgage could be ahead. Red flags when buying a condo in Ontario

What’s Happening with 2023 Condo Prices

Overall, GTA housing prices could drop in the first half of 2023 by around 11%. As interest rates and unemployment rise, a continuing housing market correction will capture condo sellers and buyers. 

Re/MAX predicts declines in residential sales prices of two to 15 per cent in Ontario. But with 60% of Canadian home sellers planning to hold onto their property, shrinking supply could amp up prices in some markets. More red flags in condo documents

Ontario Cities With Highest Home Values

Ontario communities with the highest home values, like the Kawarthas, Durham Region, Georgian Bay, and the GTA, could suffer declines once again. That might leave places like Hamilton-Burlington, Sudbury, and Ottawa, which saw the biggest drops in 2022, to catch a windfall of buyers abandoning pricier markets. 

Predictions there are for two to eight per cent price increases in 2023. And after peaking in February 2022, then dropping by 6% overall for 2022, GTA home prices were on the rise in October through December. Are new construction homes cheaper? 

What the Housing Correction Means for Preconstruction Condos

The up and down nature of Ontario’s real estate market is problem laden for preconstruction condo contract holders. Cooling markets mean speculators may be out of luck if they planned to flip their contract through an assignment sale. Are assignments for sale a wise investment in changing markets? 

Not only are assignment sales harder to market — they may not make it onto the MLS — but developers can balk at allowing contract holders to sell preconstruction condos before they take possession. Check preconstruction contracts before assuming assignment sales are allowed.

Broker Pocket reports assignment sales for preconstruction condos have shrunk. Buyers are holding out for better interest rates, while sellers are up against the wall with few buyers and the day they have to take out a mortgage closing in on them. 

Best tip: talk to your realtor about whether to hold and sell your unit as a resale condo, or weather a drop in profits by selling preconstruction condos in a housing correction.  

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