Homeowners Insurance Claim Denied? Here’s Why

Having your homeowners insurance claim denied may be frustrating.

But practically speaking, what happens when homeowners insurance claims are denied isn’t always bad. 

Four distinct disadvantages of being approved:

  1. You lose your no claims discount.
  2. Your insurance premiums may go up.
  3. Your “risk rating” drops with every claim. 
  4. Deductibles are owed.

Now chances are, you won’t make many claims in your home’s lifetime. That’s a good thing, because the lower the risk, the lower your rates are.

After all, you wouldn’t want to unnecessarily alarm your home insurer.

Why buy condo home insurance? 

Why You Need Homeowner Insurance

Homeowner insurance protects your home, personal property, and vehicles from vandalism, theft, perils like weather damage, and more. See what homeowner insurance is for. 

Your insurer has you covered against trips, slips, and falls by visitors, or accidental damage you cause someone else’s property. Your policy may even pay for a lawyer if you’re sued for libel or slander. See our home insurance guide for buyers. 

Homeowner insurance is not mandatory, but mortgage lenders can require it to protect their investment. 

Buying a house in a flood zone

Finding out problems with help from professionals

Reasons Homeowners Insurance Claim Are Denied

What you get for your money depends on your claim. Here are 6 reasons that could cause a homeowners insurance claim to be denied:

  1. Document Mix-Ups

Messy paperwork upsets homeowner insurance adjusters. A typo or misplaced number can get your homeowners Insurance claim denied. Double-check spelling and math, and proofread paperwork before you submit it. 

       2. Misrepresented or Overestimated Damages

Insurers will turn you down flat if you misrepresent or overestimate damages. Using an insurance claim to get granite countertops is out unless your kitchen is being redone due to serious water, fire, or other damage. Witnesses and before and after photos can help make your case.

Do you really need flood insurance in Ontario? 

  1. Insufficient Evidence.

On that subject, not having adequate proof can frustrate any claim. Be detailed on the complaint form. Include receipts, photos, appraisals, and any other information that could prevent having a homeowners insurance claim denied because of lack of evidence the damage occurred or what impact it had. Don’t let your homeowners insurance claim be denied or reduced because the insurer claims your appliances were old or in poor condition. 

Making a home fire insurance claim

  1. Excluded Risks

Sewer backups, earthquakes, mudslides, or sinkholes may not be covered without buying “add-on riders”, extra insurance that increases your premium cost. Pay attention to the fine print before you sign a homeowner insurance policy. 

  1. Missed Payments

Your insurer could terminate your policy for missed payments. That would make your claim ineligible.

  1. Other Exclusion Clauses

Your homeowner insurance policy includes little details that are out of sight, out of mind. Risky behaviour, letting your home fall into disrepair, failing to secure doors and windows with locks, or making a claim against homeowner insurance for your home is a rental property can all give you a bad name and get your homeowners insurance claim denied. 

What Happens If a Claim is Denied

Denied claims can stay on your homeowners insurance record for years. If you think your claim was unfairly denied:

  • Check your policy and paperwork.
  • Review the reasons.
  • Contact the General Insurance Ombudservice
  • Hire a civil lawyer to see if you have a case.

Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer 

Axess Law confirms you have a fire insurance binder before we finalize a condo purchase, and takes your lender’s instructions on homeowners insurance you may need to confirm you’ve met all the financing conditions in your offer to purchase.

What a real estate lawyer does. 

Asking a real estate agent for help

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Why do I need a lawyer to discharge a mortgage in Ontario? 

We search title to properties you buy or sell to ensure legal claims or construction liens are dealt with before the title is transferred to the new owner. Adding names to a property title in Ontario is quick and affordable. Axess Law completes the paperwork when you buy or sell, marry, live common law, or draft your Will.

Remote Real Estate Lawyers 

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