Flood Risk Steps That Protect Property Values

Climate change is creeping up on property values. 

Here’s how to make your house flood proof.

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How you can protect your properties from floods

Basic steps for the prevention of floods

3 ways to reduce flood damage

How do I find the value of a property?

house flood causing damage on a property in Ontario
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Risks of buying property in flood zones

Flood Protection Tips For Property Owners

Don’t let high water intimidate you. You can protect your properties from floods. From five main points you should follow to prepare for flooding, to basic steps to take for the prevention of flooding, read on.

Prepare for Flooding in Bad Weather

  • Cover glass with plywood to minimize shattering and potential injuries. Elevate large appliances on wood or cement blocks. Enclose or shield anything that can’t be moved.
  • If you can go outside without being blown away, check street drains for leaves or debris. Stay out of pooled water. Storms create unseen hazards like torn off manhole covers that can cause you to fall in.  
  • When water threatens your home and it’s safe to do so, close water and gas valves. Turn off lights and appliances, and switch off breakers in electrical panel boxes. Danger! What to look out for in a flooded home.  
  • Get out of your vehicle in a flood, and wade to the nearest building or shelter. Drivers can lose control of a car or SUV in less than six inches of water. Debris from damaged buildings and fallen trees can smash your vehicles’ windows, dragging your car (and you) underwater.
  • When the flood is over, clean, disinfect, and dry out your home and possessions in the first 24 to 48 hours. Call your home insurer first to review your coverage, then remove and discard water-damaged drywall, insulation, and soft furnishings like drapes or rugs. Could your homeowners’ insurance claim be denied?  
  • Dilute household bleach to clean floors, countertops, and sinks. Replace major appliances, and toss food the floodwaters reached. What to do immediately after a flood

Basic Steps to Prevent Flooding of Your Home

Tip #1

Clean gutters, drains, eavestroughs, downspouts, and catch basins on or near your home. Stop water from pooling by ensuring downspouts extend beyond your foundation. 

Tip #2 

Seal cracks where water can enter. Check foundations, exterior walls, and roofs before the spring melt.

Tip #3

Get an automatic, battery- or generator-operated secondary backup system for sump pumps. 

Tip #4

Install a backwater valve or backflow prevention device for sewer or septic lines. 

Tip #5

Put window wells around basement windows near or below your lot’s grade. Inspect window wells for leaves or garbage every spring and fall. Monitor snow levels to prevent water leaks in winter.

Tip #6

Clean and check weeping tiles for damage. Keep tree roots clear of water pipes and lines, and ensure your lot’s grade directs water away from your home.

When you need flood insurance in Ontario. 

Minimize Flood Risk When Buying a Home

  1. Make your offer to purchase conditional on a professional home inspection.
  2. Go in low with your offer in case you need money for repairs, or you want to flip a wrong home buying decision. 
  3. Check city hall records and online flood maps before you buy a home if:
  • it’s on or near waterfront like a creek, lake, river, or ocean 
  • you are buying your first home, and aren’t familiar with telltale signs of flood damage
  • it’s a private sale and the seller property information sheet is missing
  • the home is rented — the homeowner may be looking for a quick sale, or genuinely unaware if flood damage has occurred
  • the owner can’t recall essential details about past flood events
  • it’s a bank foreclosure, and the homeowner walked away
  • an estate trustee is selling the property in “as-is condition”.

Your good deal could require expensive repairs if you don’t do your homework first. How do I find the value of a property? https://www.ontario.ca/page/property-tax How to get home appraisal values

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