Finding an Ontario Real Estate Agent

Buying or selling a home or property can be easier — here’s why hiring a real estate agent can be a great strategy.

Whether you’re a full-service “client” or limited realtor “customer”, your real estate brokerage has to treat you fairly, honestly, and with integrity. 

Understand the difference between being a client vs a customer, and what services you can expect when you hire a real estate agent in Ontario.

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Your realtor’s duty to you

What is the code of ethics for REALTORS®?

Client vs customer – what’s the difference?

Agreements you must sign

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Your Realtor’s Duty and CREA

Licensed realtors assure you of professional, competent service. Always choose a Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) member if you want:

  • honesty and integrity
  • civility
  • co-operation and fairness
  • and personal accountability.

Look for the trademarked REALTOR® symbol on their business card and website.

Your CREA realtor will know the local market and prices and trends in your neighbourhood. They will list your home on the MLS (multiple listing service) to let other realtors know about it. They will ensure your listing and advertising are accurate. They can answer any questions you have, so you understand what you are signing. And, you can be sure they will disclose any conflicts of interest and keep your information confidential. 

You can be sure a REALTOR® will disclose any conflicts of interest and keep your information confidential. You can hold them to it by notifying CREA.

Why you need a real estate lawyer to close the deal. 

REALTOR® or Real Estate Agent: What It Means For You

A REALTOR® is a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), which has its own code of ethics. Your agent can use the trademarked symbol and is committed to professional, competent service, honesty and integrity, civility, co-operation and fairness, and personal accountability.

Article 3 (page 7) commits your REALTOR® to follow your instructions, provided they are not illegal, and not making false representations to you. Article 9 (page 10) of the code of ethics requires a REALTOR® to disclose potential conflicts of interest. See for yourself. Download the REALTOR® code of ethics

Discussing with a real estate lawyer for your needs

Real estate agents, on the other hand, are employed by real estate brokerages and registered with the Real Estate Association of Ontario (RECO). They are bound by the code of ethics in the Real Estate Agents and Business Brokers Act, of 2002. Read the real estate agent’s code of ethics

Both can help you buy and sell real estate in Ontario, and belong to either or both associations.

Are You a Client vs Customer?

Most Ontario home sellers and buyers sign a client representation agreement. It gives you all the advantages and expenses a full-service realty brokerage can offer. Your realtor’s duty to client agreement promotes and protects your best interests, known as their fiduciary obligation to you. Signing the offer means your realtor agrees to organize showings and negotiate written offers for you.

But if you’re used to buying or selling properties yourself, a customer service arrangement may be all you need. Customer service agreements are legally binding and let you ditch the realtor’s commission by doing most of the work yourself. They’re similar, but more limited than the services a realtor’s duty to client promises. How to determine if you’re a real estate agent’s client vs customer. More on the client vs customer relationships. 

For example, you might sign a customer service agreement to get help with home staging, open houses, or advertising a property for sale, but take written offers yourself. You pay only for the services you use, without the commission. More on your realtor’s duty to you

Signing the Representation Agreement

Signing the Representation Agreement

You may have signed real estate representation agreements before. This time around, your purchase or sale is more complicated. When you are:

  • sharing a mortgage for a co-housing unit
  • having a family member co-sign
  • using the other party’s lawyer to save money
  • or doing anything out of the ordinary

get an independent legal advice (ILA) certificate. It’s your, and a court’s, assurance you had legal advice before bought, sold, or refinanced real estate that could cause you financial or legal issues later on. FAQs on independent legal advice (scroll to bottom of page). 

What to know about the fine print in buyer representation agreements.

4 Tactics for Saving on Real Estate Commissions

On the other hand, when you want or need to keep real estate commission costs down:

  1. Use discount real estate brokerages, like 1% realtors, or flat fee services like Purple Bricks and For Sale by Owner.
  2. Take advantage of private sales.
  3. Ask a family friend to assist or handle your home sale yourself.
  4. Let a realtor represent both you and the seller, called dual agency or multiple representations.Receiving your new house

Selling your house on Zoom

Cancel a realtor agreement to list your home.

Find Local Realtors and Real Estate Lawyers

To find a licensed realtor in your area, go to:

When you’re ready to make an offer to purchase, bring your draft or signed agreement of purchase and sale to Axess Law. You can meet your Ontario real estate lawyer in the comfort of your home or office when you use our virtual lawyer service, or in person at Axess Law law offices near you. What to bring to your virtual real estate lawyer appointment. It’s easy and convenient.

How construction liens can stop you from buying a home. 

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