Empowering Your Property Hunt: ChatGPT Plugin for Tailored Real Estate Discoveries

What if you could ask ChatGPT to “help me find condos for under $800,000 in Toronto’s Financial District or near the Harbourfront”? Well, these kinds of capabilities are being actualized right now by companies like Wahi, a Toronto firm that specializes in real estate insights. Wahi is developing a plugin for ChatGPT that will give homeowners more autonomy and access to real estate data than ever before, by turning a property search into an AI-powered natural conversation.

Prospective buyers will be able to feed ChatGPT any information they think is relevant and the plugin will produce listings that match their criteria. You can run a general search (e.g., condos in midtown) or get as granular as you’d like (e.g., one bedroom condos with a parking space near Rosedale station). This is just the beginning of the kinds of ChatGPT plugins we’ll be seeing that are made for home buyers and real estate professionals – imagine asking ChatGPT to match you with a realtor depending on criteria you give it or to suggest a law firm to refer your clients to based on the kind of lawyers and business you want to partner with. The opportunities are truly endless.

Have you experimented with the plugin yet? If not, get your ChatGPT Plus subscription ASAP and start exploring.