Doing Business From Home in Ontario

Doing business from home in Ontario has its advantages. No more morning commutes. You can dress any way you want and make gourmet meals instead of bagged lunches. Think about those home-based business tax deductions? 

What about it then:

  1. Can you run a business from home?
  2. How do you start a small home business?
  3. Which businesses can you start from home?
  4. Do home-based businesses pay taxes?

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Finding Properties for Doing Business From Home in Ontario

Working from home is a lifestyle. Just pop the laptop onto the desk in any bedroom corner or expropriate that family room. Too bad the kids are so noisy. Goldie the Lab sure likes hamming it up for Zoom. That got a few laughs. Wish she’d get her wet nose out of your face. Pros and cons of home businesses. 

Selling your home by Zoom.  

When Your Home is Your Castle

Your castle was a suburban paradise (or high rise retreat) before you started using it for doing business from home Ontario-style. Naturally, you want to veg out on the couch after a hard day’s work. Not every home has a dedicated work space with a door you can close (and lock). Realistically, it’s time you sized up whether your castle is up for the task of doing business from home, or you should go house hunting. 

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It’s Personal vs Doing Business From Home

You need peace and quiet to concentrate when you’re doing business from home. That means setting boundaries. 

If 8:30 to 4:30 is your work time, the kids need to know not to interrupt while you’re doing business at home. Are they old enough to get it? Can you resist that teary face if they don’t? Who’s watching they don’t climb on the counters, open the door to strangers, or topple down the basement stairs? 10 steps for how do I start a small home business in Ontario? 

How to access your home equity to finance your business. 

Office creep is setting in. The kids are used to you playing with them after work. With your home office just down the hall, nothing’s stopping you from getting up at 4 a.m. to tap out a report, or just take a few minutes after dinner to send some emails. Minutes turn into hours. Next thing you know, the kids are in bed. They’re sad and you’re mad. 

Can you ever leave your work behind when you’re doing business from home? It’s time you checked out what’s involved with our FAQs on Home Based Businesses (Ontario).

Should you offer over asking price if you buy a new home for your business?

Measuring your house

FAQs on Home-based Businesses (Ontario)

Common questions you ask about home-based businesses in Ontario:

  1. How do I start a small home business in Ontario? 

Okay, so you want to know how can I run a business from home in Ontario? Have you checked into  provincial licences or permits you may need to go from employee to home-based business owner? Offering condo management or travel services, being a home contractor, installing furnaces, or trading motor vehicles online may require you to be licensed in Ontario. See industries where licences are necessary. 

  1. Where can I get practical advice for free? 

Try this 10-step guide to opening a business for Ontario entrepreneurs. It explains how to research your market, make a business plan, find a Small Business Enterprise Centre, and more. 

  1. Which business can I start from home in Canada?

Ontario is open for all kinds of businesses. What kind you can operate depends on provincial laws, and your municipality’s zoning bylaws and permit requirements. Talk to your municipality about what’s allowed. BizPal can help you find licences and permits. 

  1. Can I make or sell food from my home? 

Some food-based businesses have public health and licencing requirements. Read the Ontario Guide to Starting a Home-based Food Business

  1. Can I sell my home-made wine? 

Selling home-made wine or beer is illegal in Ontario. Instead, talk to your municipality about starting a ferment on premises facility, where customers can make their own wine or beer.  

  1. So, do you have to register a home-based business in Ontario? 

You may have to register your business name (unless it’s a small sole proprietorship) and meet annual filing requirements. How to register and update business documents in Ontario. 

  1. Will I owe GST or HST? 

Ask a tax accountant if your business will be subject to federal or provincial taxes, or get advice from the Canada Revenue Agency. 

  1. Can I deduct my home office from my personal income taxes? 

Some home-based business expenses do qualify for income tax deductions. You’ll have to fill out more paperwork. Download web or paper forms from Canada Revenue Agency, or visit a tax preparer for assistance. Tax deductions for a home-based business in Ontario. 

  1. Can I be fined for polluting? 

You could be. Before you start a home-based business where you handle paint or other potential toxins, release chemicals into the air or water, or discard waste, see the federal Business Regulations Guide

  1. How much space do I need for a home-based business? 

Good question. Don’t even think about the potential cost or convenience of buying a new home until you read our Calculating Office Space for Your Home Business article. We give you answers like how to calculate your space requirements. And, we include tips on other things you need to know about making space for doing business from home. 

When you’re ready to start a business, Axess Law’s business lawyers can arrange your legal documents. 

Good luck!

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