Do Housing Accelerator Funds Work?

Interest rates are rising and mid-priced housing is hard to find – no wonder Ontario home buyers are clamoring for government housing accelerator funds.  

Housing accelerator funds can ratchet the cost of housing downward. That’s welcome relief for “the missing middle” home buyers: Ontarians looking for semi-detached, multi-unit homes or stacked condos to keep their housing costs below the million dollar mark. See missing middle housing types.

The Canadian Housing Accelerator Fund could be that strategy. By aiming to deliver affordable housing more quickly, the fund could get Ontarians into a home sooner. 

High - cost housing around Canada

Housing for Middle-Income Ontarians

Making too much to qualify for subsidized rental housing? You’re in good company. Even with CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) first-time home buyer initiatives or shared equity mortgages, affording an entry-level condo, rowhouse, or townhouse can be a struggle.

CMHC’s Housing Accelerator Fund will speed up how housing is designed, and when it’s ready. A $4 billion investment in 100,000 new middle class homes by 2024-25, the Housing Accelerator Fund will allow Ontario municipalities to build faster and be more innovative.

Buying a condo – new construction or resale, how to choose. 

What Canada’s New Housing Accelerator Fund Will Look Like

Canada’s Housing Accelerator Fund was announced during the 2021 federal election campaign. The Liberal party platform builds on the federal National Housing Strategy. Details are sparse for now, probably because CMHC is still collecting ideas from municipalities, housing providers, funders, and the public on how to make the federal Housing Accelerator Fund work. 

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What we do know about the revitalized National Housing Strategy is this:

Use It or Lose It

The federal government will tap vacant or underused urban land for housing. Besides the Housing Accelerator Fund, government will spend $600 million in 2021/22 to convert empty federal, retail, and office spaces to market rentals. 

Buying a rental property in Ontario. 

Quick Permits

E-permitting is on the table to keep municipal building applications moving. Shorter approval times will allow municipalities to convert buildings to housing sooner. 

Flex Funding

Federal funding will flex based on what municipalities need. That could mean hiring urban planners, purchasing land, or building more infrastructure.  

Five Ways the Strategy Will Benefit You

  1. Increased housing density
  2. Inclusionary zoning bylaws
  3. Anti-NIMBYism (not in my backyard) campaigns
  4. Transit-oriented housing hubs
  5. Reduced red tape.   

First-time home buyer? Here’s what to look for. See transit-oriented housing hubs in the GTA.

Apartments available if first time buyers

Do Housing Accelerator Funds Work?

Three very different Housing Accelerator Fund projects prove they do.

Home for Good, San Francisco

San Francisco residents are home for good in a trendy, 203-unit high rise in upscale SoMA. The downtown Housing Accelerator Fund project mixes middle-income earners with low-wage workers and seniors. Built on underutilized land developed by a local nonprofit organization, Home for Good was funded with a repayable loan “donated” by local philanthropists.

Being your own lender with a RRSP mortgage loan. 

San Francisco’s Housing Accelerator Fund uses donor loans, factory-built units, or single room only and apartment conversions to create housing cheaper and faster. Projects can be erected, or rehabbed and converted, and ready to occupy in far less time than the usual three to five years. Canada’s Housing Accelerator Fund will do something similar. 

Aspen and Alder, Vancouver

Eclectic Mount Pleasant would be unaffordable for most middle-income Vancouverites. Aspen and Alder, two below market rent apartment buildings made possible by Vancity’s Housing Accelerator Fund, have changed all that. Seventy per cent of Aspen’s and Alder’s units are rented for below average rents through a partnership between the credit union, CMHC, the developer, and municipality. Vancity’s share was $3.5 million in pre-development and pre-equity financing for the 264-unit nonprofit housing project. 

How to get in on buying an investment property in Ontario. 

ShelterTech, Chennai, India 

A 3D-printed, 600-square-foot home built in just five days shows the power of innovation. The Habitat for Humanity-funded ShelterTech Housing Accelerator Fund uses quick-drying concrete to trace and fill the home’s walls for 30% less than traditional construction. Homes built from plastic waste or bamboo, with solar-powered heaters, or low-cost appliances are a legacy of Habitat’s Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter. The center has funded and mentored over 70 startups in Mexico, Kenya, India, South East Asia, and South America. Apply to Habitat for Humanity for an affordable homeownership loan.

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