Do Houses Appreciate More Than Townhouses?

Second guessing your home buying or investment decision because you’re worried houses appreciate more than townhouses?

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Do townhomes appreciate in value like houses?

What appreciates more condo or townhouse?

Do homes appreciate more than condos?

What is the difference between house and a townhouse?

What affects the appreciation

How to make up your mind

You Googled the Internet, and  checked the stats. It sure looks like Ontario houses appreciate more than townhouses.

You researched best investments for Ontario buyers and guess what? The townhouse vs house debate rages on. Single family home investors are adamant houses appreciate more than townhouses. Strata buyers decry the virtues of a townhouse vs house.

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So do townhouses appreciate in value like houses? Or, to put it more accurately, why do townhouses not appreciate in value the same way?

Appreciation Difference for Townhouses vs Houses

Whether you’re a homeowner or investor, buying a townhouse vs house is all about location, location, location.   

Still, Ontario real estate can skyrocket or plunge, depending on what’s going with supply, demand, and interest rates. The good news is townhomes in the right neighbourhoods, up and coming areas, or new subdivisions can increase competition for your home when it comes time to sell.

Appartments over town houses

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Will the value go up as much as a house? Typically, no. Houses appreciate more than townhouses because of assets like:

  • the prestige and freedom that comes with owning more land 
  • the relief of leaving urban noise and traffic, like freeway onramps, far behind you 
  • having a home that’s truly your own, personalized to your tastes
  • and the privacy and autonomy of a detached property. 

Not sharing common walls with neighbours, or living in a look-alike townhouse can push property prices up. All the same, arguing “townhouse vs house” is academic if you’re rarely home, and aren’t planning to do a lot of yard work, or hire landscaping and housekeeping services.   

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That brings us to your next buying dilemma —

What Appreciates More, Condo or Townhouse?

You’ll pay more for a freehold townhouse (Ontario has fewer of them) than a condo, but returns on investment are higher. 

Freehold townhouses sell quicker than a condo townhouse or apartment, and buyer competition is stiffer because of the limited supply. Like houses, your freehold townhouse will appreciate more than apartment condos and condo townhouses. Find an appraiser near me.  

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That’s because freehold townhouses are usually larger, have bigger yards, and give buyers more autonomy than condos. You maintain your own home and yard, with no condo corporation fees to pay, and decide what colour to paint your home or how to landscape your yard. 

Add maintenance costs when you calculate the return on investment though. Having yard space and a parking pad brings its own expenses, and repairing a roof in a freehold townhouse is more costly than sharing expenses with a condominium corporation. 

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How Houses Compare to Condos

Homes tend to appreciate more than condos because:

  • Homeowners value having their own space.
  • Detached homes are usually larger than condos.
  • A home can be renovated without seeking consent from a condo corporation.
  • Homeowners can spend their money the way they want, instead of on  common element fees for shared amenities, like elevators.
  • Homes are easier to rent than condos, which may have rental restrictions.

Before You Buy a Townhouse vs House or Condo

Our best advice: think about what you want in a home or investment. The “do homes appreciate more than condos?”, or condo vs townhouse debate may not even be a thing in your decision. Get an online estimate of home values, Ontario real estate. 

When to Pick a Semi-Detached Townhome or Condo

Townhomes and condos can be good investments if:

  • you want shopping and transit nearby 
  • security is an issue (your neighbours are closer)
  • you prefer less maintenance and more recreational time
  • your homebuying or investment budget is limited
  • or you just want to downsize.

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Apartment or townhouses

What Affects Appreciation Values

Your townhouse will appreciate quicker if it’s in a neighbourhood where crime rates are low and buyers want to live. Walkability to services, and “days on market” for new or resale units, are indicators a neighbourhood is desirable to buyers. Condo owner rights and duties for townhouse owners. 

How your condominium corporation manages your property is crucial to appreciation. Condo corporations with legal issues, or that neglect to repair or replace outdated amenities, drag values downward.

Privacy can be an issue in townhouse condos because, unlike a detached house, they have shared walls. But owners enjoy more amenities, like a swimming pool, fitness centre, or party room. 

Yes, you really need a real estate lawyer

Shovelling snow, raking leaves, or painting window trim are managed for owners, and a condo’s location may mean you can do without a car. That can appeal to first time home buyers with a tight budget for buying a home or investment property.

Making Up Your Mind

We can’t make up your mind for you. But in the townhouse vs house vs condo sweepstakes, if the fact houses appreciate more than townhouses matters, maybe you need to:

  • flip investments to buy up to a house
  • borrow the down payment
  • or get a shared mortgage with family or friends.

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