Curb Appeal Tips to Sell Your Home

Your home’s curb appeal can make or break the sale.

It’s not about keeping up with the Joneses. It’s about the psychology of home resales.

Read on for curb appeal ideas that can sell your home.

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What do we mean by curb appeal?

How can curb appeal increase home value?

Top landscaping ideas for modest homeowners

Budgeting for painting your house

What colour to paint a brick exterior

A beautiful home with curb appeal ideas is a good investment.

Why Curb Appeal Matters

Curb appeal is that extra special touch that tells a homebuyer you care about your investment. What prospective homebuyers see on the outside sets the stage for what to expect when they step inside or so they assume.

You wouldn’t buy a used car that was falling apart. Unless it’s a true fixer upper, homebuyers won’t take a second look if your exterior and yard are beaten up, outdated, or bedraggled. Your rights when hiring a home contractor in Ontario.  

Do Renovations Increase Curb Appeal?

Sixteen per cent of Canadians who renovated in 2021 did so to improve their home’s resale value. They thought ahead to “how much is my home worth if I have to resell in the next one to three years?” Read the RE/MAX Renovation Investment Report

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How Curb Appeal Improves Home Value

So how do home renovations improve curb appeal? 

Even a relatively low-cost improvement like landscaping adds value to your home. Landscapers estimate curb appeal ideas like building a stone walkway or repaving the driveway increase the sold price of a $300,000 home by $16,000 to $38,000. What happens if a contractor gets hurt on my property (Ontario). 

Front yard landscaping ideas for adding curb appeal to your home:

  • Softscape your front yard.

“Manicure” your lawn’s curb appeal by keeping it trimmed and edged. Plant leafy trees, colourful shrubs, or flower beds along the approach to your front door. Vary colours, textures, and heights for visual interest. Just keep the trees in your own yard. Who owns your trees in property line disputes

  • Hardscaping vs landscaping your yard.

The best curb appeal ideas include hardscaping. What is hardscaping vs landscaping? Take a look at any heritage area and you’ll find brick sidewalks or natural stone pavers. Pavers and features like field rock retaining walls are hardscaping: manufactured elements that bring your landscaping to life. Find a construction contractor near me

  • Winterize your landscape.

Winterize your front yard with the year-round curb appeal of evergreens, shrubs, or hardy wild grasses. 75 inspiring curb appeal ideas for homeowners

How Much to Spend on Painting Your House 

A simple coat of paint drives up your home’s list price by around 5%. That’s $37,500 on a $750,000 bungalow. Well worth the expense? Real estate agents think so. RE/MAX reports painting and kitchen and bathroom upgrades are the top three renovations that increase a home’s resale value. Going it alone? How to sell a house privately in Ontario

When you have no time or no budget, refresh the window sills, door trims, and gutters. Make a great first impression by painting the front door a vibrant shade. Select colours that draw attention to your home and are compatible with the architectural style. Think heritage shades for historic homes or paint manufacturers’  “colour of the year” for a contemporary house. Restoring a heritage home

Best paint trim colours for brick exteriors:

Multi-coloured brown and beige brick – Rockies walnut brown, muted Grayed Beige, or Fieldstone

Reddish orange – True North red or Ebony Black

Ash gray or sage – Bullrush brown or dark North Shore green  

Off white or beige – Creamy complements like Blanca or White Pumpkin or bold Autumn Harvest

Pick trim colours for your brick exterior. 

How to paint your home exterior

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