Consequences of Breaching Agreement of Purchase and Sale

Just how many real estate deals are failing in Ontario may astound you.

Balancing skepticism with your optimism could affect what happens to the deposit when buying a house. Prudent buyers and sellers who make the right moves can avoid joining the many real estate deals that are failing in Ontario distinctly in the consequences of breaching agreements.

  • Buyer’s remorse.
  • Seller gets a better offer.
  • Mortgage financing isn’t available.
  • Buyer’s bid exceeds the home’s appraised market value.
  • Changing interest rates make a deal unaffordable.
  • Buyer’s home doesn’t sell on time.
  • Home inspection turns up problems the seller declines to repair.

Common questions to ask real estate lawyers.   

A terminated contract

When Do Real Estate Deals Fall Through?

Beyond the obvious reasons, many real estate deals are failing in Ontario because of buyer insincerity. Real estate analysts trace the latest trend to multiple bidding scenarios. 

Bidding on multiple properties has become so popular, buyers (and some sellers) have lost sight of the fact the agreement of purchase and sale is a legal contract. Real estate deals that are failing in Ontario can net sellers generous court awards:

  • A King City buyer who reneged on multiple deposits was found liable for the difference between his $2.45 million offer, the home’s final $1.6 million selling price, and legal costs.
  • A Markham developer lost a $1 million deposit after being unable to come up with a $40 million payment for a land parcel for seniors’ housing. A verbal agreement to extend the payment was insufficient, since the APS allowed the seller to terminate at any time. 
  • A buyer who struck a subject-to financing clause from his offer to purchase lost over $174,000 when the seller resold the home for less. 
  • Both the seller and buyer were out money when a real estate deal that failed in Ontario resulted in a $75,000 deposit being forfeited, and the home selling for $200,000 less than the buyer’s revised offer.  

What happens when a real estate deal falls through? Who gets the deposit.  

Failed Real Estate Deals and What to Do

So what can a seller do if a buyer fails to complete a purchase? Any hesitancy posting a deposit in the first 24 hours could be a sign a buyer isn’t committed, or has simply changed their mind. 

Three strategies sellers can use to avoid joining the many real estate deals failing in Ontario.

  1. Include a mutual consent clause in the APS. That allows your buyer to withdraw without financial or legal consequences. In hot markets, moving on to the next highest offer can be the best strategy.
  2. Inform the buyer’s realtor you plan to continue to market your property until the buyer lifts their subject-to conditions. With so many real estate deals failing in Ontario, having a back-up offer will lessen the financial blow if a buyer pulls out.  
  3. Add a 48-hour escape clause to every APS you sign. If a better offer comes along, an escape clause forces the buyer to finalize their offer within 48 hours of a demand for a firm commitment. Buyers may not appreciate being asked to forego a home inspection or confirmed mortgage financing, so make it clear those are the terms and conditions before you countersign conditional offers.

Buyer delays closing and real estate law in Ontario. 

Asking help from your lawyer

Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer

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We transfer title to your new condo by checking for outstanding financial or construction liens. We check your closing documents include the mandatory condo fire binder before presenting your final statement of adjustments.

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