Canada’s Underused Housing Tax for Foreign Owners

Canada’s new tax for foreign property owners could come back to bite you if you fail to file or file too late.

Foreign owners of residential investment properties are advised to stay on top of the new federal underused housing tax (UHT).

Recent changes to Canadian housing law can feel like a quagmire for foreign owners in Ontario. This is what you need to know.

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What is Canada’s current tax rate?

What are the new taxes for 2022 (Canada) — who’s excluded?

What are the 3 taxes in Canada?

How much tax do you pay in Canada in 2022?

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Canada’s Current Tax Rate and How That Changes

Foreign real estate buyers, with a few exceptions, pay non-resident speculation taxes (NRST) to buy real estate they don’t live in. Paying foreign buyers tax (Ontario)

New this year is a vacant home tax in Toronto. It came into effect Jan. 1, 2022, adding another 1% for foreign buyers’ Toronto tax burden. Who owes Toronto’s vacant home tax

Non-resident foreign buyers will also pay a 1% federal underused housing tax on properties they own in Canada. Do you owe the non-resident speculation (NRST) Ontario foreign buyers tax

Other Taxes for Canadian Non-residents

On top of foreign buyer and vacant home taxes, non-residents may also get tapped financially for:

  1. Personal taxes on income you earn in Canada. Figure out if you’ll be taxed on Canadian income.
  2. Municipal taxes in the community where your investment properties are located. See property taxes for Toronto
  3. Goods and services tax (GST) and/or harmonized sales tax (HST). GST and/or HST may apply when you buy a home from a builder or build a residential rental property. Qualifying for the new residential rental property rebate

Find personal income tax rate for 2022 (Canada). 

Who’s Excluded From Canada’s Underused Housing Tax

You won’t have to pay the federal UHT if you are or own:

  • with some exceptions, a permanent resident
  • corporation incorporated anywhere in Canada and listed on the Canadian stock exchange (designated under section 262 of the Income Tax Act)
  • registered charity
  • cooperative housing corporation
  • a college or university
  • a trustees of specified Canadian corporations, partnerships, trusts, mutual funds, REITs (real estate investment trusts) and SIFTs (specified investment flow-through accounts)
  • and more.

Ask a tax accountant or financial advisor to verify if you, your company, or investments are exempt. See who else is exempt.  

How Much You Pay for the UHT

Federal underused housing tax is scaled at 1% of the value of each residential property you own. Find a foreign buyers Toronto real estate lawyer

How to File and When

Taxes are due on or before April 30, starting with 2023. File a separate Canada Revenue Agency form for every residential property you owned after Jan. 1, 2022. Go here to find the new UHT property declaration form once it’s posted. 

Penalties and interest for failing to file are owed if you forget or try to avoid the tax. They’re high — the higher of $5,000 for individuals and $10,000 for corporations, or 5% of the amount owed plus 3% of the underused housing tax for every calendar month your payment is overdue.

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Even if a residential property sale doesn’t go through, your offer to purchase in Canada may be legally binding. Making firm price real estate offers can place you or your business at risk of forfeiting the good faith deposit. Who gets the deposit when a buyer backs out

While your cancellation may be accepted by the seller, you could be financially liable for the gap between what you offered and what the final buyer paid, or expenses the seller incurred remarketing their property. Using your buyer’s right to cancel

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