Buying Resale Homes

Resale homes can be a great value. They can also present legal challenges.

  • The fence you admire could be just over your neighbour’s property line.
  • The new, homeowner-installed chandelier could be a fire hazard.
  • Termites, asbestos, radon or lead-based paint can add thousands to your costs.
  • The backyard paving stones may be hiding an oil spill.
  • Then there’s the aging septic system.
  • Planning to subdivide? Have you checked your zoning?
  • Be ready to take down the kitchen addition if it was built without a permit.


Protect Your Investment

No need to give up on buying a resale property. 

Your Axess Law real estate lawyer (Ontario) will protect your interests in what could be the largest financial transaction of your life. Our seasoned legal professionals can ensure your offer to purchase takes potential problems into account before and after you buy. 


Reviewing Your Offer

Realtors help you find a property and communicate with the seller. Your real estate lawyer ensures the agreement of purchase and sale is valid. We explain what your offer means and how to make changes or additions. 

Remedying Problems

Your sale could be delayed by a home appraisal that falls short of what your mortgage lender is prepared to finance. We talk with sellers’ lawyers to remedy problems that can delay or prevent a home purchase.


Requesting Extensions

The agreement of purchase and sale you signed may have unreasonable timelines that your lender or you can’t meet — like a 15-day turnaround instead of the usual 30 days. We request extensions to a closing date if you need more time to find a different or second lender. 

Our legal advice may prevent unexpected costs and answer questions like what happens to the deposit when buying a house.


Why You Need a Lawyer

Axess Law lawyers in Toronto, Greater Toronto Area or Ottawa can check for property disclosure statements and advise you on all of the “subject tos” in your offer. 

How your offer to purchase is worded could matter if you can’t get mortgage financing in time to close the deal. We advise you on if a real estate deal falls through who gets the deposit.

Ever bought something you regretted? Real estate deals are like that. Without a lawyer, you may get more than you bargained for if you try to back out.

We have cheap real estate lawyers who can:

  • review your agreement of purchase and sale
  • transfer the title to property you buy
  • explain uncommon items found on title to the property, such as easements or restrictions on the use of the property
  • finalize mortgage and payment arrangements
  • and much, much more.

We explain all the steps in buying a resale home (25 questions you ask our real estate lawyers) and finalize the paperwork for you. You could say Axess Law takes the stress out of one very important transaction.


Why You Need a Lawyer

Axess Law real estate lawyers in Ottawa and Greater Toronto Area do document searches, find property surveys and register your new home with the local land titles office. 

Mortgage Signings

We discharge existing mortgages and arrange signatures for mortgage insurance or new mortgage documents with your bank or mortgage lender. You may want to apply a portable mortgage to your new home. We prepare the necessary paperwork. (What to bring to your Axess Law appointment.


Property Conditions

Property or construction liens can leave you unable to take possession of your new home. We arrange with sellers’ lawyers for them to pay out liens. 

When home inspections are unsatisfactory, we negotiate to repair problems, offer less or get your deposit back. Misleading or incomplete seller property information statements (SPIS) can leave you with a home that has major structural or foundation issues. 

We refer you to trusted legal partners if defects have been deliberately withheld from the SPIS or weren’t easily visible when you toured the home.


Price Adjustments

Resale homes can have soil remediation, asbestos abatement or faulty electrical wiring issues. Our lawyers can negotiate with the seller’s lawyer to pay these extraordinary costs or bring the purchase price in line with what it will cost you to fix.


Fire Insurance

We make sure you have a mandatory fire insurance binder. If flaws like aluminum electrical wiring make it difficult to get insurance, we have contacts who can assist you or can negotiate with the other side to find a mutual resolution.

We answer all your questions, like what is title insurance. You receive a final statement of adjustments showing your costs to purchase the home and pay expenses like legal fees.


Savings When You Need Them

Our real estate lawyers do virtual real estate closings anywhere you are in Ontario. Our software is secure and confidential. We make e-signing easy! Or you can meet in person with a real estate lawyer (Toronto, Greater Toronto Area or Ottawa) at any of our Axess Law locations

Buying a home is expensive. Our flat fee legal rates fit your budget — they start at $999.99 and up plus HST to buy a home or condo or $799.99 and up plus HST for home sellers.

We have onsite parking and transit is nearby. You can make day or evening appointments — whatever suits your schedule.


Book Appointments Online or By Phone Today

Dial our 1-647-479-0118 lawyer line to make appointments for real estate closings or to review an agreement of purchase and sale you plan to sign. Booking online saves time. It’s quick and easy to do. Toll free calls accepted at 1-877-402-4207.