Buried Gems – Buying Near a Cemetery

Does buying a house near a cemetery have grave consequences? Astoundingly, homeowners report living next to the dearly departed has some upsides.

Living on a waterfront or beside a golf course — now that’s a desirable  location that commands high prices. But a cemetery? Rest assured, lots of people are buying a house near a cemetery. 

House properties near cemeteries

It might be just the ticket if downsizing or buying a first home has you on a restricted financial diet. Come to think of it, buying a house near a cemetery could be a pleasant respite from a starter home near a busy freeway or noisy schoolyard. 

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Pros and Cons of Living By a Cemetery

Buying a house near a cemetery, with its leafy, green spaces and well-manicured lawns, has its pluses. 

The reality is new graveyards just aren’t being constructed at the rate they used to be. Nowadays, only 20% of Canadians opt for burial, and that makes buying a house near a cemetery all the more unique. 

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Peaceful stroll on a sleepy Sunday afternoon, anyone? Our top 4 reasons to consider buying a house near a cemetery:

  1. No worries about new development. City council likely isn’t to uproot the cemetery anytime soon. Your home’s views, and peace of mind, won’t be impacted by noisy construction or annoying sight lines.
  2. They’re quiet most of the time – other than for the occasional burial.
  3. Most cemeteries are well established. Older subdivisions can have bigger lots and mature, more affordable homes. Realtor.com reports home prices are 12% lower around cemeteries.
  4. Sellers may be more willing to negotiate. Not everyone is keen on buying a house near a cemetery. Since you don’t mind the location, they may be happy to lower the price to get a quicker sale. Of course, you may have to be flexible yourself when the time comes to sell your piece of peaceful paradise. 

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No, It’s Not Bad to Buy a House Near a Cemetery

If that doesn’t convince you to take a second look at buying a house near a cemetery, science might help. That’s because living near a cemetery or crematorium is safer than it used to be. 

A January 2000 Ohio research project found chemicals like mercury from dental fillings, and formaldehyde from embalming fluid, travelled vertically into cemetery soil samples. Environmental damage was confined to the cemetery site, not adjoining property. 

Modern wooden caskets are well sealed, and those leafy trees take up groundwater and soil, disposing of some contaminants. Ontario’s cold, dry climate preserves bodies longer (50 to 500 years) than warmer spots. Eco-friendly solutions like biodegradable cardboard coffins and shrouds make an impact too. 

You can rest assured modern zoning regulations take into account how far a cemetery is from groundwater, surface water, and ditches. That said, you probably don’t want to buy in a flood prone zone. For the last word, read: Cemetery Setback Distances to Prevent Surface Water from Contamination from the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health. 

Worries about health effects from living near a crematorium aren’t bolstered by research either. You won’t have to fear distasteful smells because odours are sealed beneath the soil.  

What About the Feng Qshui?

Is It bad feng qshui to live near a cemetery? 

Now that depends on who you ask. A cemetery is seen as a mountain in feng qshui, but also a place of decay, and a reminder of death and mortality. Despite potential dark energies or “yin”, what direction your face homes, the cemetery’s size, and who’s buried there can make a difference. 

Look for a neat, orderly cemetery covered with lush greens, and definitely consult an expert. Certified feng qshui practitioner Laura Cerrano advises to balance negative energy with Yang (life force). She recommends bird feeders, creating a cozy, warm interior with real plants, and installing protective symbols like a Ba-gua mirror.   

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