Home Buyers’ Bill of Rights

Beleaguered home buyers’ bill of rights advocates are in for relief with recent announcements by the federal Liberal party.

Tax-free withdrawals from first home savings accounts and an infusion of cash to build or repair affordable housing are on the table — along with a home buyers’ bill of rights.

House flipping could get harder and mortgage insurance rates for buyers with the least to put down are headed south. CMHC will reduce its fees by 25% for high ratio mortgages for those who can’t afford a 20% down payment, if and when the bill is passed.

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Changes to real estate law for Ontario home buyers would:

1. Give you a legal right to a home inspection.


Deal breakers like an uneven foundation or leaky roof can often be averted with a pre-purchase home inspection. Yet overheated housing markets cause many new home buyers to simply sign an agreement of purchase and sale and rush into a sale. Neglecting to add a home inspection clause to Ontario offers or being prodded to close too quickly can cost thousands in extra, potentially avoidable expenses. The proposed bill would make inspections a right, not afterthought.

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2. End blind bidding.

Blind bids disadvantage buyers by forcing them to guess if the seller has competing quotes and for how much. Government would ban the practice. Property rights are a provincial responsibility and realtors are outraged by the proposal. Whether it survives in a home buyers’ bill of rights remains to be seen.

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3. Require mortgage deferrals.

Mortgage deferrals were common during COVID’s early days. New measures could require banks to defer mortgage payments if a homeowner loses their job or suffers other financial shocks. The new home buyers’ bill of rights would require banks to give you up to six months to defer your payments.

Deferring a mortgage when you lose your job.

4. Inform you of your options.

Mortgage lenders who are too passive will be expected to step it up. Informing home buyers of all their options, including first home buyer incentives, is intended to prevent new and experienced buyers from being exploited.

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5. Be more transparent.

Realtors with a financial stake in a home purchase or sale will have to disclose their interest if the new home buyers’ bill of rights is passed. That, and listing recent home sale prices in land registry offices, could curb profiteering at buyers’ expense.

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Not part of the home buyers’ bill of rights, but still significant, government would ban foreign buyers from purchasing Canadian homes until 2023. Offshore speculation has been driving prices higher. Blocking sales, plus slapping a foreign buyers’ tax on vacant urban land, could temporarily stall the uptick.

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Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer

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Exercise your buyer’s right to cancel.

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