Are Homes by Transit Stations Worth Less?

Homes by transit stations have a mixed rap for a reason.

All that constant noise and flurry of activity can not only disrupt your day. The International Commission on the Biological Effects of Noise says it could give you a heart attack. Even obesity and diabetes may be blamed on traffic noise.

If annoyance, disrupted sleep, and psychological stress are giving occupants of homes by transit stations a fit, why are developers building more and more apartments and condos beside major transit hubs?  

Which raises the obvious question – are homes by transit stations worth less?

How noise affects your health.

Houses near along train rails

Why New Homes Are By Transit Stations

Climate change is partly to blame for the rush to buy homes by transit stations. It’s a “greener”, cleaner way to live, work, and play.

You’ve read about Toronto’s Transit-Oriented Communities Program (TOCP)? Densification strategies like TOCP, the tendency to build massive condo towers on small building lots to create more homes by transit stations, play their part.

Then there’s Canada’s 2022 federal budget. Provinces and territories lost transit revenue from Canadians staying at home during COVID. They get funding to make up transit shortfalls by accelerating efforts to help municipalities build more housing.

Why the Location of a House is Important

Surprisingly, neighbourhoods with a future (near transit stations) can be worth more than “nice” or safe communities, or even how modern your home is. Buyers can always change the house. They just can’t change the location (cheaply).

Spectacular views, like a beach, mountains, or city skyline, make your location more important than the house. So does living in a thriving, vibrant neighbourhood on an upward swing.

Developers know what their buyers want. Today, that’s urban neighbourhoods with homes by transit stations. See Ottawa’s plan to build 24 new transit stations. 

Who’s Buying Homes Near Transit and Why?

What goes into buying a new home in Ontario isn’t necessarily what you think.

You worry about, “how do I sell my house next to a busy road?” Buyers worry about how long their commute takes, or how far the nearest market is. They wonder if the neighbourhood will hold its value when they go to sell. Homes near transit stations give house hunters optimism.  

Buying homes near transit lets owners commute to school, work, shopping, and services without having a car-centric lifestyle, or the expense. Savings on gas, parking, and maintenance can be reinvested in travel or recreation, and planning big-ticket projects, like redesigning the kitchen.  

Common questions you ask our real estate lawyers. 

Like students, downsizing seniors, adults with disabilities, and young families are often on a budget. Homes near transit stations are way more attractive if you need to get around quickly, without the hassles of a car or SUV.

Houses in valleys and along the railways of train

The Downside of Homes By Transit Stations

You’re right to think twice about noisy locations.

The louder traffic noise gets, the more hypertension, and strokes and heart attacks, go up. A steady 70 to 80 decibels (dB) is annoying: it could damage your hearing. A constant thrum of traffic at 80 to 85 dB just gets tiresome.  

A New Jersey study found heart attacks were 72% higher in areas with heavy traffic noise exposure. It’s more than just the fumes. Chronic stress can change the inner lining of arteries and blood vessels, and spark adrenaline-related inflammation that leads to heart disease.  

What to look for when buying a new home from a builder in Ontario. 

Besides just plugging your ears, what can home sellers and buyers do? Retrofitting windows or hanging noise-reducing curtains actually does work. How well insulated, and sound proof, a home is can make the difference between a desirable location, and way too much noise for comfort.

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