Apply for a Mortgage After Bankruptcy

Getting a mortgage after bankruptcy may seem like an uphill battle. Relax! 

You can get a mortgage if your bankruptcy has been discharged, and even go on to purchase income properties.

A mortgage after bankruptcy is within reach. Here’s why.

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How to apply for a mortgage after bankruptcy 

How long until I can get a mortgage after bankruptcy?

Can bankruptcy get rid of my mortgage debt?

Using an insolvency trustee 

Getting government aid with insolvency 

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Apply for a Mortgage After Bankruptcy 

Like any loan, you’ll have to qualify with a lender to get a mortgage after bankruptcy. Here’s a tip: use a mortgage broker if your usual lender turns you down.

Lenders are influenced by how you’ve managed your finances since being discharged from a bankruptcy. They look at: 

  • your current credit score
  • employment, income, and investments
  • downpayment
  • total debt service ratio — monthly debts compared to your income and assets
  • and loan to value ratio — how much you are borrowing compared to a property’s fair market value (if sold today). 

What to do if you get a bank foreclosure notice. Ontario bankruptcy laws and power of sale

Borrowing down payments for mortgages in Canada. 

How Long After Bankruptcy Can I Get a Mortgage in Ontario? 

Whatever you’ve heard about waiting periods after a bankruptcy is discharged may be inaccurate. 

Bankruptcies do sit on your credit score record for up to seven years. But Ontario lenders don’t have a legal waiting period before re-lending to borrowers. Private lenders regularly make exceptions to the bankruptcy waiting periods traditional and subprime lenders prefer. What is an assumable mortgage? 

You could be approved right away by a private lender, or wait until a mortgage lender is satisfied you have sufficient income and a positive credit score to be a good risk. Your lender’s decision is based on their firm’s risk tolerance. 

It’s true prime mortgages can be difficult to get unless:

  1. Your mortgage was discharged at least two years and a day before applying. 
  2. You have rebuilt your credit by successfully making credit card, personal loan, car lease, or other regular payments for a year or more. 

Subprime lenders, who are more flexible because they lend to customers with lower credit scores, may make you wait three to 12 months, and prove your credit has improved. Can’t wait that long? See if you qualify for a private mortgage.

A spouse with a good credit score can still apply for a mortgage. Your score won’t affect their chances of being approved. Buy your next home with a RRSP mortgage

Mortgages and Bankruptcy in Ontario

No, bankruptcy doesn’t cancel your mortgage. Canadian lenders can’t cancel a mortgage because of bankruptcy, and bankruptcy can’t be used to get rid of mortgage debt.

  • As long as you keep up the payments, you can own a home. 
  • Even if you are bankrupt, your mortgage payments are due.

Your home’s equity can be used to reduce creditors’ financial demands. The difference between your home’s fair market value and what you owe is an asset, and is applied to your debts by a licenced insolvency trustee. You may have to take out a second mortgage to use that equity, or you can sell your home.

Pay off debts during a marital breakup. 

How Your Insolvency Trustee Helps

When you’re overwhelmed by debt, a licenced insolvency trustee helps you by:

  1. Filing for bankruptcy.
  2. Selling assets.
  3. Reducing debt quicker by making extra payments.
  4. Holding creditors’ money in trust.

Find a licensed insolvency trustee in Ontario. For what to expect from creditors, watch this video

Do You Qualify for Bankruptcy Assistance? 

If you’ve been turned down by licenced insolvency trustees, apply to the Ontario bankruptcy assistance program. The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy aids debtors who can’t find a willing trustee. See how it works here. 

Hire a bankruptcy lawyer to untangle complicated situations. 

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Documents to take to your real estate lawyer appointment.  

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