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Legal services to make your life easy.

Our Story

We have a growing percentage of Canadians who are struggling to access the simple legal services that they need. Non-transparent pricing, inconvenient working hours, and inaccessible location led us to create Axess Law. Our goal is to make sure every individual could have access to a lawyer, suitable to their requirements.

Our Vision

Improving the legal experience by providing outstanding quality, service and value.

Our History

Carrying our share of growth and learnings, we have come a long way since our inception.


Virtual Real Estate Closings

Axess Law becomes one of the first law firms in Ontario to offer 100% virtual real estate closings.

Meet Our Team

First and foremost, we are lawyers. We pride ourselves on being a team of collaborative and like-minded individuals driven towards the singular goal of making law an accessible and understandable service to the common man. We hold ourselves accountable to providing top notch legal services and keeping our clients satisfied across all fields.
Lena Koke
Co founder and CEO

Passionate about making legal services accessible, Lena is awarded as one of Canada’s top 25 most Influential Lawyers by Canadian Lawyer Magazine. She holds an M.B.A from the Rotman School of Management, and a Law Degree from the University of Toronto. An avid traveler, Lena has traveled to 60+ countries and never misses the opportunity to take canoe trips with family.

Ankita Sharma

Director of Marketing

Ankita is the marketing director for Axess Law. An engineer turned marketer, she is passionate about building brand customers love. She loves spending time simplifying the complex legal world for her customers. Outside of work, Ankita is a speaker and author of a marketing blog. When she isn’t working, she loves nothing more than a cross-country road trip with her husband.

Patrick Zarb

Director of Business Development

Patrick Zarb is the Director of Partnerships and Business Development at Axess Law. In his free time, Patrick enjoys coaching his kid’s various sports teams, and spending time with his family. He also enjoys playing and recording music, and his superpower would definitely be travelling through time to hear the great musicians of history.”

Katherine Salma

Director of Operations

Katherine has held various roles at Axess Law since 2016. In her current role as the Director of Operations, she ensures effective and efficient experience for clients when they reach us. With Katherine’s love for food, she is either in the kitchen trying out a new recipe or finding a new hole in the wall to explore a new DIY project.

Marc Marcos

Assistant Operations Manager

Marc Marcos is the Assistant Operations Manager at Axess Law. As a first generation immigrant who grew up in the tight-knit neighbourhood of Scarboroug, Marc loves the opportunity of working with clients from diverse background and all walks of life.

Allon Hollander

Business Development Manager

Allon joined Axess Law in 2019 with more than a decade of experience in the Real Estate and Mortgage industry. Allon manages firm’s partner relationships with lenders, mortgage and real estate professionals to ensure a smooth and transparent closing process. In his spare time Allon likes to read and spend time in nature.

Brianna Frith

Business Development Manager

As a Business Development Manager, Brianna ensures a seamless legal experience for our real estate partners and their clients. She enjoys the impact the is able to make on the careers of many mortgage and real estate professionals by delivering accessibility, transparency and an overall, seamless closing experience with zero friction. In her free time, she loves reading, taking vacations and shopping.

Shayan Najafi

Business Development Manager

Shayan joined Axess on Mar 2019 with over the last 10 years experience in the mortgage and banking industry. Obsessed with technology, Shayan loves to provide an efficient experience to his partners and clients. In his spare time, he loves reading new books, spending time with friends and exploring new trails to go on hiking adventures!


Chief Morale Officer

As a Chief Morale Officer, crumple takes her leadership position very seriously. Every so often, she’ll make the rounds to cheer up her human friends, enthusiastically accepting a treat or two from the multiple dog lovers in the company.

Shraya Patel


Shraya is with Axess Law for more than 5 years. Speacializing in Real Estate Law, she is driven to walk the extra mile to help her clients as well her colleaugues. Shraya loves to explore nature and spend her time with her family.

Jasmeet Ajrawat


As a lawyer, Jasmeet ‘Jas’ specializes in Real Estate Law. Known for his ability to diffuse tense situations and use his knowledge of the law to zealously advocate for his client’s rights, Jas takes pride in navigating his clients through one of the biggest financial transactions of their life. He loves travelling, food and music.

Lorraine Vo


As a Lawyer, Lorraine believes in providing the best legal advice and service the client requires. Her main goal is to make her client’s life easier. When she isn’t working, she loves to spend time with friends, cook gourmet food and play with her dog.

Walter Luk


Walter has been with Axess since 2015. He is a lawyer specializing in Wills, Power of Attorney, Probate and Business incorporation. He loves working from office as it gives him the opportunity to interact with clients and colleagues. He enjoys traveling to the mountains and Canadian Rockies are his favorite.

Pratheeb Uthayakumar


As a Lawyer, Pratheeb ensures that his clients get the best legal advice and service they require. Making his clients life easier is Pratheebh’s motto. When he isn’t working, he loves to hangout with friends, watch sports and play with his dog.

Davinder Ajrawat


Davinder is a lawyer at Axess Law with an interest in Wills and Estates as well as Family Law. Being an avid explorer, she always dreamt of having the ability to fly. When not in the office, Davinder enjoys biking, travelling, trying different cuisines, and is currently working towards providing the home her soon to be French Bull Dog deserves.

Mariel Gerges


Mariel works as a Lawyer at Axess Law. She obtained her LL.B. (Hons) Law Degree from Newcastle University, UK, and her dual LL.M. and LPC from BPP University, Manchester, UK. Outside of the office, Mariel is an avid hiker and can be found with a coffee in hand.

Anastasia Leonardo

Law Clerk

Anastasia joined Axess Law in 2016 and has held multiple positions before becoming as a Law Clerk where she works to ensure the timely completion of Real Estate transactions and client satisfaction. During her free time, Anastasia enjoys spending time with family, baking, trail walks, and travelling.

Patricia Fitzpatrick

Law Clerk

Patricia is a law clerk at Axess Law with over 12 years of experience in real estate law, and is a fellowship member of the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario. Outside of work, Patricia can be found playing with her adorable daughter, hiking the beautiful city of waterfalls with her spouse, and finding new music to jam out to.

Maithili Navaneethan

Law Clerk

Mai Navaneethan is a Law Clerk at Axess Law. She has wide spectrum of experience in closing real estate transactions and always puts the clients’ needs first. When she isn’t working, she loves to travel and spend time with her famlily.

Jasmine Sethi

Law Clerk

Jasmine is a law clerk who joined the company in 2018. Dedicated to her clients, Jasmine tries to go the extra mile to ensure the real estate transaction is as smooth as possible. In her spare time she enjoys painting, cooking, travelling and spending time with her family.

Elvira Ricci

Law Clerk

Elvira Ricci has been with Axess Law for over 6 years. She works as a law clerk for real estate and has helped thousands of clients move into their dream house. Elvira is a caring person who enjoys assisting her clients.

Diana Xu

Law Clerk

Diana Xu is a law clerk at Axess Law. She has widespread experience in all aspects of real estate transactions including residential, commercial and private mortgage transactions. Outside of the office, Diana enjoys cooking, Zumba and spending quality time with her family.

Andrea Lauzon

Law Clerk

Andrea is a Law Clerk with extensive experience in commercial and residential real estate. In her spare time she can be found playing the piano, reading a good book or spending time with friends and family.

Rutvij Shetty


Rutvij Shetty is a law clerk specializing in the real estate law. He completed his law degree at the University of Mumbai and is now on the journey to becoming a lawyer in Ontario. He finds meaning in providing great service to Axess Law clients and their respective agents. Outside of work, he enjoy playing sports such as soccer and tennis.

Sophie Shin

Law Clerk

Sophie Shin is a Law Clerk at Axess Law. Focusing on a variety of real estate matters, Sophie’s goal is keep her clients happy and stress-free throughout the process. When she isn’t working, she loves travelling and spending time with friends and family.

Aashi David

Law Clerk

Aashi joined Axess Law as a junior clerk working in Real Estate law. She believes in making an impact on her client’s life by providing exceptional experience. In her free time, she loves to catch up with friends and spend quality time with family.

Shannon Hussey

Law Clerk

Shannon is a Law Clerk at Axess Law helping her clients close their real esate transactions. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from University of Guelph, and a Bachelor of Laws(LLB) from University of Leicester. When she isn’t working, she loves travelling and spending time with friends and family.

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Leading lawyers under 40, 2016

Innovative lawyers, 2016

Reinvented the industry, 2018

Most influential lawyer, 2014

#44 on the 50 fastest growing companies, 2018

5 women to watch, 2016

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